[News Corner] Youku Stops Counting Online Views

The online ratings for dramas have been a controversial topic for quite some time as they can easily be manipulated. People suspect that some fans of certain dramas or actors keep clicking on the videos to push the view count up. Following iQIYI, Youku now decided to take measures as well.

On January 18, online streaming platform Youku announced on their official Weibo account that they will immediately stop counting online views to create a more positive environment and avoid too much noise. They further explained that the online ratings can’t possibly adequately reflect the worth of a drama and its impact, and definitely shouldn’t be the only means of measurement.

Youku also revealed that the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA, known as SAPPRFT until 2018) has created a new evaluation system which is currently being tested. They didn’t reveal how the new system works, though.

Youku calls this measure the first step into the right direction and expects more online streaming platforms to follow. They believe that an objective and fair rating system will allow the entertainment industry to shine more.

Source: Sina

Last year on September 3, iQIYI already took the very same step. They have since introduced their own new evaluation system to determine the hottest dramas on their streaming platform. They give the dramas points by also taking user interaction (e.g. discussion about the drama in the comments section) and shares on social media into consideration, next to the view count.

Source: People’s Daily

The online ratings now only include dramas streamed on Tencent, Sohu TV, Le TV and Mango TV. If you’re curious about the iQIYI hot list, let me know in the comments section and I will post the top 10 dramas on iQIYI together with the TV ratings and the online ratings in the future.

Do you believe the current system for online ratings is worthless? Do you think it’s even possible to create a truly objective system? If yes, how would such a system look like?

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  1. callum traynor says:

    Even though all views were not legit it was still a measure of success somewhat im not happy with these changes personally.

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