[Finished Airing] My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression (Web Drama)

Even though actress Tian Jing Zhi (Esther Yu) and mutant Xue Ling Qiao (Mike D. Angelo) have come to love each other, Ling Qiao decides to leave Jing Zhi in order to allow her an ordinary life. Not soon after, however, Jing Zhi discovers that she’s pregnant. Ling Qiao, who is worried about the expectant mother’s safety, secretely moves in next door. But a mysterious organization also learns that Jing Zhi is pregnant with the mutant’s baby and tries to get close to her with evil intentions in mind.


My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression – 我的奇妙男友2之恋恋不忘
Release Date: 2019-02-14
Main Cast:
Mike D. Angelo, Esther Yu
Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Original Novel: My Amazing Boyfriend 2 by Shui Qian Mo
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Trailers: Trailer 1 (RAW), Trailer 2 (RAW), Animation recounting the story from season 1 (RAW), MV
Where to watch with subtitles:
Viki, Youtube

Year of Production: 2017
Production Company: Huace Film & TV, Kan Xin Qing Media
Producer: Long Ya
Director: Ding Zi Guang
Screenwriter: Shui Qian Mo, Wang Xiong Cheng
Filming Location: Nanjing


Pictures and posters:

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