[Subbing Projects] Limited New Year Special Offer

As most of you will already know, we have a special offer to make it possible to immediately get the subbing project of your wishes started. To celebrate the new year as well as the 1st anniversary of our subbing team, we offer reduced rates limited to 3 persons!

If you donate at least

$100 70 USD for a short web drama
$150 120 USD for a drama of normal length
$250 220 USD for a drama with more than 45 episodes
$300 270 USD for a variety show

you can name us a title from the list of possible projects and we will promise to sub it!

We will start subbing the drama that the

1st donator wishes for after we finish 1
2nd donator wishes for after we finish 2
3rd donator wishes for after we finish 3

of our current subbing projects.

The offer is limited to 3 donators! After that we will go back to the usual rates. Keep checking back here to see if someone already donated for a new subbing project. I will update here and also post it on Twitter and Facebook immediately if I receive a donation.

You can donate by clicking on the button below:

If you have further questions about the donation process or our subbing projects in general, you can visit the FAQ.

Just as a reminder, the above mentioned rates are by far not enough to cover the costs for subbing the entire drama. We promise that we will finish every project we start, no matter how long it might take, but we still depend on everyone’s continuous support. We are very thankful for every small donation, and be it only 1$, that will allow us to continue working on our ongoing projects!

Last but not least, I want to use this chance to thank everyone who has been supporting us thus far. Without you we couldn’t have kept going for over a year already! You are true heroes! 🙂

Our first new project has been decided: Imagine Me Without You!
Our second new project will be ER Doctors!
Our third new project will be Love in the Imperial Palace!

The New Year special offer is over now.

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