[Finished Airing] Emperors & Me (Web Drama)

Luo Xi (Dai Wen Wen) is an ordinary university student in her 4th and last year. In order to help and provoke her broken-hearted roommate Fei Yan (Sun Zi Yu), Luo Xi and her best friend Le Xue (Cao Fei Ran) stage jumping off the rooftop, but unexpectedly land in a historical novel that spans thousand years and describes the fall of a fictive country and the subsequent rise of a new dynasty. There, the two girls meet the young emperor of the Qi dynasty Qin Shang (Gao Tai Yu) and are chased by his soldiers. In a rush to save her life, Luo Xi takes Qin Shang back to the real world. Le Xue, however, remains in the novel world. Thereupon, Luo Xi and Qin Shang re-enter the novel world several times and also take An country’s emperor Mu Rong Yu (Liu Zhao Hong) as well as Chen country’s emperor Guo Yan (Gao Ji Cai) back to the present instead of Le Xue. While spending his days with Luo Xi, the self-centered Qin Shang slowly turns into a tender and considerate person and finally moves Luo Xi’s heart. But will Luo Xi and Qin Shang be able to live together in the same world?


Emperors & Me – 众王驾到
Release Date: 2019-01-09
Main Cast: Dai Wen Wen, Gao Tai Yu, Liu Zhao Hong, Gao Ji Cai
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Time Travel
Network: Mango TV
Episodes: 24
Trailers: Trailer (RAW)
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Year of Production: 2017
Production Company: Hero Kiddo
Producer: Chen Shu Ying
Director: Li Jiang Ming, Shao Yu Hua
Screenwriter: Chen Shu Ying


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