[Douban Ratings] The Best and Worst Dramas of 2018

Since 2018 has come to an end, it’s time to take a look back at the dramas 2018 has brought to us. While the TV ratings and online ratings tell you how popular a drama was, they don’t necessarily tell you anything about the quality. Douban is China’s most used website where viewers can rate dramas, and the Douban ratings are said to reflect quality rather than popularity. So let’s see which are the highest and lowest rated dramas of 2018 in Douban.

Best dramas according to Douban ratings:

1 Like a Flowing River – 大江大河 (Dragon TV & BTV) 8.9
2 The Day I Skipped School For You – 教室的那一间 (iQIYI) 8.4
3 Perfect Youth – 最美的青春 (CCTV-1) 8.4
4 The Rise of Phoenixes – 天盛长歌 (Hunan TV) 8.3
5 Suddenly This Summer – 忽而今夏 (Tencent) 8.3
6 Imagine Me Without You – 假如没有遇见你 (Youku) 8.3
7 Flesh and Spirit – 灵与肉 (CCTV-8) 8.1
8 Mask – 面具 (BTV) 8.0
9 Peace Hotel – 和平饭店 (ZJSTV) 7.9
10 The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2 – 正阳门下小女人 (BTV & JSTV) 7.8

Worst dramas according to Douban ratings:

10 Negotiator – 谈判官 (Hunan TV) 3.4
9 Meteor Garden – 流星花园 (Hunan TV) 3.3
8 Blade AttacKing – 利刃出击 (JSTV) 3.2
7 Long Ri Yi, You’re Dead Meat 2 – 龙日一,你死定了第二季 (Tencent) 3.2
6 First Marriage – 初婚 (CCTV-8) 3.1
5 The Legend of Jade Sword – 莽荒纪 (Anhui TV) 3.1
4 Sweet Combat – 甜蜜暴击 (Hunan TV) 2.7
3 New Smiling Proud Wanderer – 新笑傲江湖 (Tencent & Youku) 2.6
2 Mother’s Life – 娘道 (JSTV & BTV) 2.5
1 A Legend of a Modern Man Gets Back to Qin Dynasty – 寻秦记 (Youku) 2.3

If you’re curious about the most popular dramas of 2018, you can find the list of dramas with the highest TV ratings here. Interestingly, some of the worst rated dramas were nonetheless highly popular.

Have you seen any of those dramas? Which dramas are your personal favorites (or flops) of 2018?

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  1. LP says:

    My personal favorite drama of 2018 was An Oriental Odyssey. Legend of Fuyao was my favorite (and I thought it would remain so) until Oriental Odyssey. There was just something that was cute and endearing about it.

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