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Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂 May all your wishes come true!

Many drama productions are also wishing you a Happy New Year. Here is a collection:

The New Version of the Condor Heroes

My True Friend

The Longest Day in Chang’an


Youth Should Be Early

Daredevil Treasure Hunter


My Poseidon

Second Time Is a Charm

About Is Love

Unrequited Love

Our Glamorous Time

My Girlfriend Is an Alien

Go Go Squid!

Rebirth of Shopping Addict

Time Teaches Me to Love

Long For You 2

Good Bye My Princess

Dagger Mastery

The King of Blaze 2

90’s Beijing Fantasy

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Shall We Fall in Love

The Demon Master

Exclusive Memory

Legend of Awakening


The Unknown

Love Is Deep


Wait in Beijing

First Love

Ever Night

The Faded Light Years

Miss Truth

The Ugly Queen

Paratrooper Spirit

Over the Sea I Come to You

New Horizon

In Youth

Le Crocodile et le Pluvian

Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Spirit Sword Mountain

Fearless Whispers

The Eight Mysterious Cases of the Republican Era

The Great Craftsman

The Qin Empire 4

The Story of Ming Lan

Love in a Fallen City

Qing’s Remaining Years

Poetry of the Song Dynasty

Mystery of Antiques

Memories of Peking

Empress of the Ming

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