[Finished Airing] The King of Blaze 2

The continuation of the first season is set in the modern world. The overbearing CEO Lin Ye (Chen Bo Lin) is a young and promising scientist who founded his own company to research a new energy that can save the world from pollution and disaster. Female reporter Tong Feng (Jing Tian) becomes acquainted with Lin Ye after interviewing him. After a series of misunderstandings, the two grow attached to each other and join hands in the fight to protect the environment. But an old friend of Lin Ye appears and plans to steal his research results.


The King of Blaze 2 – 火王之千里同风
Release Date: 2018-12-19
Main Cast:
Chen Bo Lin, Jing Tian
Modern, Romance, Sci-Fi
Hunan TV
37 (TV version), 33 (DVD version)
Original Manhua: The King of Blaze by You Su Lan
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Trailers: Trailer (RAW)
Where to watch with subtitles:
Viki, Youtube

Year of Production: 2017
Production Company: Mango TV, Jetsen, Mayla Media, New Power Film, EE-Media, Yi Shi Liu Yingshi
Distribution Company: Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media
Producer: Peng Dan
Director: Hu Yi Juan
Screenwriter: Rao Jun
Filming Location: Yinchuan, Xiangshan Movie & Television Town, Hangzhou, Iceland


Pictures and posters:

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