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[Finished Airing] Dagger Mastery (Web Drama)

Dagger Mastery is set in the Tang dynasty under Emperor Xuanzong’s reign. Shui Ge (Qin Jun Jie) becomes a fugitive after his whole family is exterminated. He then goes to the capital Chang’an where he becomes friends with four hoodlums. The five youths strive for a better future, but accidentally become involved with the evil imperial censor Wang who murdered Shui Ge’s family. Wang sends them to the northwestern border to collect tributes. Without knowing that they have been set up, the five friends happily embark on their journey.


Dagger Mastery – 神风刀
Release Date: 2018-12-27
Main Cast:
Qin Jun Jie, Guan Xiao Tong, Song Yi, Neil Cao, Lou Jia Yue, Wang Chuang
Costume & Period, Wuxia, Youth
Trailers: Trailer (RAW)
Where to watch RAW: iQIYI
Where to watch with subtitles:
currently no subs available
(request the license on Viki and Netflix)

Year of Production: 2014
Production Company: Xinma Media
Distribution Company: Xinma Media, Beijing Guanghe Siji Wenhua
Producer: Ma Yu, Sun Xiao Han
Director: Wang Ming Jun, Cui Jun Jie
Screenwriter: Yang Zheng Guang
Filming Location: Hengdian World Studios, Dunhuang


Pictures and posters:

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