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[News Corner] More Youtube channels are jumping on the new live-stream trend

Huace Film & TV obviously started a new trend in Cdramaland when they decided to live-stream their newest drama An Oriental Odyssey with ready English subtitles on Youtube some weeks ago!

After Huace, YoYo TV was the next Youtube channel to decide to do a live-stream with The Eternal Love 2. And as of today, Kukan Drama Channel is joining in with The Dark Lord! Kukan will live-stream two new English subbed episodes every Wednesday till Sunday at 10 PM Beijing Time.

I think there is nothing to dislike about this new trend. We get subtitles only shortly after the release in China in case of currently airing dramas and the live-stream also allows fans to chat with each other while watching. Let’s hope that this trend continues for a long time and more and more dramas will become available in this way!

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