[News Corner] New streaming service “Bambu” focusing on Chinese content set to launch in early 2019!

Awesome news for all Cdrama fans! A new streaming platform focusing on Chinese content solely is set to launch in the first quarter of 2019!

The new platform is called “Bambu” and is coming from American Entertainment company Cinedigm who sold a majority stake to Hong Kong-based investment company Bison Capital last year. Cinedigm has partnerships with major Chinese entertainment companies like Starrise Media, Youku Pictures or the state-run broadcaster Central China Television (CCTV).

The content offered by Bambu will include dramas, movies, variety shows, music programs as well as educational programs about learning Chinese or Chinese cooking. The content on Bambu will be available for free with ads. For ad-free viewing, Bambu will offer the option to subscribe for 3,99$ per month.

Some of the dramas that will be available on Bambu have already been revealed: Journey to the West, Nirvana in Fire, The Four, The Advisors Alliance and Diamond Lover. Movies will include Shock Wave, Kung Fu Traveler, The Monkey King, The Warring States, Peace Breaker and Extraordinary Mission. As for other programs, Bambu will offer the cooking documentary A Bite of China among others.

While Bambu is said to aim at the US market, it is still unclear if the content will also be accessible in other countries.

Source: Variety

5 thoughts on “[News Corner] New streaming service “Bambu” focusing on Chinese content set to launch in early 2019!

  1. Lili says:

    Awesome news! I hope they will have lots of Chinese dramas with subs. And also new ones, the announced titles are all old ones.

    And can I hope that they will sub Happy Camp?

  2. KG says:

    This is a pretty sad trend all things considered. I am someone who will likely purchase the subscription but the way things are being fragmented in the streaming world is disheartening.

    AT&T wants to start their own streaming service so shows get pulled off Netflix. Disney wants to start their own streaming service so movies get pulled from Netflix. The list goes on and on.

    None of them seem to understand the reason Netflix became so popular is because it got popular shows from everywhere. It wasn’t only Disney movies or only NBC shows… they had a mixed bag of shows.

    Maybe if this service subtitles a lot of shows that might otherwise not get any subtitles… I’ll change my view

    And to be fair to them: DramaFever shut down which was a major source of subtitles for Chinese dramas whereas AT&T and Disney are openly competing with Netflix.

    • Meram says:

      The streaming industry will change to meet viewers’ demand just like the music industry changed. More channels mean more competition and lower prices. One channel may not have all the top videos. But, subscribing to several channels will still be cheaper than paying for the old cable/satellite TV options

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