[Upcoming] Cantabile Youth

After Japan and Korea, China will be the next country to make the popular manga “Nodame Cantabile” into a drama. Due to a childhood trauma, piano talent Li Zhen Yi (Steven Zhang) is unable to go study abroad. When he meets the weird but extraordinary piano student Fang Xiao Wo (Lin Yun) as well as famous conductor Mitch, Zhen Yi finally starts pursuing his dream of becoming a conductor.


Cantabile Youth – 让全世界都听见
Release Date: TBA
Status: Finished filming in January 2019
Main Cast:
Steven Zhang, Lin Yun
Music, Romance, Youth
Hunan TV
Original Manga:
Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya
Where to watch with subtitles: currently no subbing in planning
(request the license on Viki and Netflix)

Year of Production: 2018
Production Company: EE-Media, The True Age, Yuanyi Media
Distribution Company: The True Age
Producer: Peng Tian
Director: Liu Jun Jie
Screenwriter: Fu Jiao Jiao
Filming Location: Shanghai, Vienna, Paris


Pictures and posters:


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