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[News Corner] Changements in Hunan TV dramas’ airing schedule

Good news for all fans of All Out of Love! Despite the rumors that All Out of Love will be taken down in order to make place for The Years You Were Late, it has now been confirmed that it will finish its broadcast. However, it is indeed true that it will have to make place for Huang Xiao Ming’s new drama.

All Out of Love has been airing in Hunan TV’s prime-time time-slot called “Golden Eagle”, with new episodes being released every day. But The Years You Were Late will now premiere today in this very time-slot. All Out of Love will instead air in the late evening “Youth on March” time-slot and broadcast two new episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively, starting next week. Today, it will also broadcast two new episodes in the late-evening time-slot. Considering that only 18 out of the 70 episodes have been aired so far and only four episodes will be released per week from next week on, this now means that the drama will finish its run at the end of December.

The “Youth on March” time-slot is currently occupied by Battle through the Heaven, though, which means that the changements will also affect this drama. Battle through the Heaven has been airing from Monday till Wednesday with two new episodes being released each day and will now air on Wednesdays and Thursdays from next week on. So we will only get four new episodes instead of six every week. However, Battle through the Heaven exceptionally also aired two new episodes on Thursday this week.

You can always consult the weekly airing schedule for TV dramas to see when your favorite dramas are airing. I always update it when there are any changements.

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