[News Corner] Will All Out of Love be taken down?

On September 25, a netizen leaked a picture from a conversation with an alleged staff member from Hunan TV and exposed that the currently airing and long-awaited drama All Out of Love will be taken down in order to make place for Huang Xiao Ming’s The Years You Were Late.

The reason behind this is that this year is the 40th birthday of the Chinese economic reforms which started in 1978. In order to commemorate China’s achievements, Chinese TV stations are now asked to air dramas that focus on the economic reforms. The Years You Were Late is one of those dramas and Hunan TV is, according to rumors, being asked to air it from October 1st on. All Out of Love, which currently occupies the time slot The Years You Were Late is supposed to air in, just started airing though, which is why it might have to be taken down now.


So far nothing is confirmed yet besides that TV stations are asked to air those dramas. Everyone is now waiting for an official statement. Let’s hope that we’ll be able to watch All Out of Love till the end!

Source: Sina

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