CdramaBase is back!

I’ve been working on getting the blog up to date again in the last couple of weeks. And now I can finally officially announce it: CdramaBase is back! 🙂

For those who didn’t see my post on Facebook and Twitter some months ago, I lived and worked in China for some time and was so busy that I unfortunately wasn’t able to take care of the blog anymore. And as I’m managing it alone, there haven’t been any updates for such a long time. I’m really sorry for disappointing everyone. Now that I’m back, I’ll do my best to bring you Cdrama updates every day!

The following pages are now back up to date:

However, I still haven’t added and updated all info on dramas that aired these past months.  Since there are just too many dramas (especially web dramas, just look at the number of web dramas that are currently airing!), it will probably take me another month or two to finish, so please bear with it for a little longer. I guess I also won’t be able to add the ratings for all these past months, so I’ll just start reporting ratings from this week on again.

As to our subbing projects, there are still some things that I need to take care of first. I’ll update you on them in a separate post in the coming days!

7 thoughts on “CdramaBase is back!

  1. Pocca says:

    Awesome once in a while I check the site to see if there’s updates! Glad your back 🙂

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