Get a Sweet Taste of Asia with a “Korean Snack Box”

If you want to taste some Asian snacks that can often be seen on TV, but don’t live in Asia or have an Asian supermarket near where you live, is your solution. They offer original Korean snacks, that are famous throughout Asia, for a small prize and ship them worldwide right to your door. is run by a family from Seoul, South Korea. They carefully pick out different snacks to a certain theme and fill them into a beautiful silk bag called “bokjumeoni (복주머니)”, which means “lucky pocket” and is thus a lucky charm. Here are some examples for their boxes:


You can either make a one-time purchase of any of their past theme boxes or you can decide for a monthly subscription. If you subscribe, you will get a new surprise theme box every month and the shipping is free!


Have you tried any Asian snacks before? Which snacks do you like?

Note: This is a sponsored post.

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