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The Completion of Head Above Water, A Splendid Life In Beijing 1-3 & Other Updates

Our very first subbing project is complete! You can now find all episodes of Head Above Water subbed on Youtube. 🙂

You might already have noticed the new category on the main menu: Subbing Projects. It will be easier for you to follow our projects now, because everything important can be found there! Go to Completed Subbing Projects to find the links to all the episodes of Head Above Water. All other projects that we will finish in the future will be added there as well.

If you want to know the progress with all other not yet completed dramas that we’re working on, go to Current Subbing Projects. Please keep checking that page, because I won’t announce every single completed episode in an extra post from now on. Instead, I will immediately update that page and add the links to new episodes once they’re uploaded onto Youtube. You will also find the first three episodes of A Splendid Life of Beijing there, which are now up on Youtube! More episodes of this drama will follow very soon. Just as a reminder, we will finish subbing this drama till mid-February.

Have you started watching any of the dramas subbed by us yet? How did you like them so far? 🙂

Also, I have added an updated list of possible projects to the menu. I will regularly update it once new dramas are found on Youtube. If you’re looking for a certain drama or dramas from a certain actor or actress, here is a tip how you can see if it’s on the list without having to go through every single one of the many many titles: Press CTRL + F and the search field  will open on your computer. Now type in the name you’re looking for and it will show you if it’s on the list or not!

Isn’t it impressive to see how many unsubbed Cdramas there are on Youtube actually?

Last but not least, please keep supporting our subbing team! Donations have become rare lately, but we need your continuous support to be able to subtitle Cdramas for a long time! A big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! To everyone else, please consider contributing, even a few dollars only are already a big help for us. Or help spreading the word and let more people know about our campaign. 🙂


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