[Douban Ratings] The Best and Worst Dramas of 2017

The end of 2017 is nearing, so it’s time to take a look back at this year’s dramas. While the TV ratings and online ratings tell you how popular a drama was, they don’t necessarily tell you anything about the quality. Douban is China’s most used website where viewers can rate dramas, and the Douban ratings are said to reflect quality rather than popularity. So let’s see which are the highest and lowest rated dramas in Douban this year.

Best dramas according to Douban ratings:

1 Day and Night – 白夜追凶 (Youku) 9.0
2 Stand by Me 2 – 一起同过窗Ⅱ (Youku) 9.0
3 White Deer Plain – 白鹿原 (JSTV & Anhui TV) 8.8
4 My Huckleberry Friends – 你好,旧时光 (iQIYI) 8.6
5 The Qin Empire 3 – 大秦帝国之崛起 (CCTV-1) 8.5
6 In the Name of People – 人民的名义 (Hunan TV) 8.3
7 Tientsin Mystic – 河神 (iQIYI) 8.3
8 Nirvana In Fire 2 – 琅琊榜之风起长林 (Dragon TV & BTV) 8.3
9 Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon – 虎啸龙吟 (Youku) 8.3
10 Burning Ice – 无证之罪 (iQIYI) 8.2

Worst dramas according to Douban ratings:

10 A Life Time Love – 上古情歌 (Dragon TV) 3.3
9 Song of Phoenix – 思美人 (Hunan TV) 3.3
8 Delicious Destiny – 美味奇缘 (Hunan TV) 3.2
7 Love of Aurora – 极光之恋 (Hunan TV) 3.2
6 Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion – 维和步兵营 (JSTV) 3.1
5 General and I – 孤芳不自赏 (Hunan TV) 3.1
4 Long Ri Yi, You’re Dead Meat – 龙日一,你死定了 (Tencent) 2.9
3 Love, Just Come – 爱,来得刚好 (JSTV) 2.9
2 Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi – 鬼吹灯之牧野诡事 (iQIYI) 2.9
1 Midnight Foodstore – 深夜食堂 (ZJSTV & BTV) 2.8

Have you seen any of those dramas? Which dramas are your personal favorites (or flops) this year?


6 thoughts on “[Douban Ratings] The Best and Worst Dramas of 2017

  1. Lili says:

    I haven’t even watched one single drama from the list. So sad that most of them don’t have subs. Looking forward to Netflix bringing us some of them next year! I hope My Huckleberry Friends will be picked up as well.

    My personal favorites this year were Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and Ode to Joy 2. I’m currently really enjoying A Seven-Faced Man as well.

  2. forgot says:

    I’m not far off this list. From the Best list, I finished number 10. Checked out 1,4, 6, 7. Watching 8 and prequel to 9. They are reasonable. I didn’t like the one episode of Day and Night I checked out. Will find time to watch 4 and 7.

    I dislike and didn’t finish any in the Worst list. Tried a few episodes of 9, 5, 2, 1. Did not like the acting, CGI, directing in these dramas. Checked out even less of 10,8,7,3. I cannot watch these 4 at all. The good thing about this list is most of them have multiple actors I don’t like in them, so I can skip them quickly. Despite number 5 making this infamous list, AB is still appearing in several upcoming dramas.

    • Nghia Huynh says:

      @FORGOT I don’t mean to be rude but when you reference lists that contains drama titles, please don’t use the numbers (order). Use the titles. The reader is not going to remember which title you’re referring to. For example, in the worst list you mentioned 9, 5, 2, 1. Now I have to remember your numbers and scroll to the top to look at the list. More than likely people will just skip that part. In other words, you’ll get more attention and perhaps a reply or two if you use drama titles that people are accustomed to. The only thing I got out of your post was that you didn’t like one episode of Day and Night and that AB is appearing in several upcoming dramas.

      As for me, I didn’t watch any of the dramas in both lists. I watched 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms but I’m surprised it wasn’t in the top 10.

  3. Mary M Roe says:

    I like the historical ones and that is all I tend to have time to watch. I am still working on watching Song of Phoenix so I won’t comment on it. I have just begun Nirvana in Fire 2 if it’s half as good as the original it’ll be awesome. I am also in the middle of Tribes and Empires and Fighter of the Destiny. I enjoyed the fantasy ones, Ten Miles of Peach blossoms, Princess Agents, and Lost Love in Times. I would have a hard time ranking those three. The King’s Woman was very good. I have to part company with the list about the General and I. When I first watched it I had trouble getting into it because I read the novel which was excellent and kept comparing the two. I just recently went back and thought I would try again and found that I really enjoyed it, it’s a good story on it’s own as long as I don’t compare it to the book. The lead actress comes in for a lot of criticism but her acting has improved and the two leading men were excellent. I loved the combination of the asian musical instruments to back the action, I can see why people loved the soundtrack. One thing…guys, ride the horses or at least work on making it at least look like you ride the horses, it’s not that difficult.

    In closing, I used to find only the very rare historical Chinese drama that was worth the watching but the acting, production, and especially the stories have become so excellent that they readily compete with the best of the Korean efforts. All in all, I can’t tell you the last time I have watched an American TV series in its entirety and thanks to China and Korea it looks like it will be my next life before I do again.

    • Flo says:

      I really don’t get this infatuation for Chinese period dramas. No offense to you, I’m just wondering why. I don’t have any interest at all in watching all those wars and fighting scenes. The plots are always the same as well, people try to kill each other for power or women scheme to become empress or the like. Really, why are there so many people saying they only watch period dramas?

  4. Zadumana says:

    I started watching Midnight Foodstore some time ago and I’ve watched only 3 ep so far. But it wasn’t bad. At least not bad enough to end up at the bottom of this list :b I really enjoyed it. Is there anybody, who watched the whole drama and can justify it for me? Maybe it went all wrong after this 3 eps XD

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