New Subbing Project: A Splendid Life In Beijing

We have started subbing another drama!

As per CN Drama‘s request, we also have started subbing the mega hit drama A Splendid Life in Beijing, which just wrapped up a few days ago. A Splendid Life In Beijing is currently ranked 5th among the most popular TV dramas of 2017! We will subtitle the drama in its entirety till mid-February.

As to the progress with our other subbing projects, we have finished subbing 9 episodes of Head Above Water so far. I don’t know when CN Drama will upload them onto Youtube though. They could be uploaded in the coming days, or maybe they’re also waiting till we finish subbing the whole drama and will then upload all episodes at once in mid-January. I will let you know once the episodes are up!
Dating Hunter episode 2 is still in the works, we will very likely finish the episode next week. And we haven’t been able to start subbing Ripening Orange yet. We will probably start this one right after the new year.

Besides, you might have noticed that we didn’t translate the song in Dating Hunter episode 1. We will generally not subtitle songs in order to save us a little bit of time. However, we will post translations of the songs here on CdramaBase. The translation for Dating Hunter‘s ending theme song will be posted in 1-2 weeks!


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