Announcing Our Next Subbing Projects

I have some very good news to share, we will start two new subbing projects very soon!

As per request of a fan, who donated the sum stated in our special offer, we will start subbing Ripening Orange in the coming weeks! Ripening Orange is a classic from 2002 starring top actress Zhou Xun. It tells of a tragic love story during a time when rigid rules prevail and responsibilities weigh more than individuality and love. Get ready for an intriguing story with excellent acting, beautiful costumes and an amazing scenery from Suzhou!


And we have even more exciting news! I’m very happy to announce that we’ve entered a cooperation with CN Drama! We will subtitle Head Above Water as per their request. You can find more infos on Head Above Water on the corresponding post here on CdramaBase. The whole series will be fully subtitled till mid-January!

However, to be able to make it till then, we’ll have to focus on Head Above Water during this time. Even though I said before that we won’t neglect any of the “old projects” in favor of a new one (see FAQ), we will have to make an exception now since Head Above Water is a special case. I am very sorry for that and hope that you will understand. I believe this is an amazing opportunity and this cooperation might even turn into a long-term one afterwards!

On top of that, most of our subbers are university students and some of them have exams this month and thus currently not a lot of free time. Therefore, we will be rather slow with releasing new episodes of Dating Hunter in the coming weeks. Please be patient and give us some time, after the new year we’ll be able to release episodes of Dating Hunter weekly.


Also, since this whole project is growing so fast, we’re looking for even more subbers! If you’re fluent in both English and Chinese and are interested in joining our team, please send a mail to for further infos.


Last but not least, I’d like to remind you that the cooperation with CN Drama doesn’t mean that we don’t need your support anymore. Please help us finish all our current projects and prepare for even more ones after that!

You can donate by clicking on the button below:

Thank you for your support!

7 thoughts on “Announcing Our Next Subbing Projects

  1. Charlotte (Charr) Leslie says:

    I’M cheering you on…..I’m fine with your new developments.
    Sometimes, life throws us a few things unexpectedly, both good and bad. This new thing offered to you can be a real blessing to your life……Press On!

  2. Evelyn L. says:

    Hello, my sister has sent in an email to you regarding her interest in joining as a subber, and was wondering why she hasn’t got a reply yet. 🙂

  3. Trisha O says:

    Oh my god!! This is the best news ever! I was praying a group like yours would come in and sub the shows Dramafever/viki miss. Yay!! Head Above Water was subbed because of you guys, thank you so much! I’m going to donate first thing in the morning tomorrow

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