[Dating Hunter] Episode 1

The subtitles for the first episode of Dating Hunter are now ready! Happy watching! 🙂


4 thoughts on “[Dating Hunter] Episode 1

  1. creidesca says:

    Thank you for making this possible! So much fun watching the first episode–I remember I was hooked when Ding Yu came out on stage with his “transformation”. Not to mention those “tips” that appears at the end of each episode. Would it be possible to sub the ending song (or at least have it subbed in 1 of the episodes)?

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  2. Nghia Huynh says:

    I only had time to watch a few minutes of the show and fast-forwarded to check out other bits but so far the English translation (punctuation/grammar) is outstanding! I can’t comment on the accuracy since I don’t understand Chinese. I’ll watch the entire episodes when I have time. I am now more inclined to donate towards my top pick (Nothing Gold Can Stay) though it may have to wait since Christmas is coming up. Good job to you and your team!


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