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[Crowdfunding] Help getting more Cdramas subbed!

Chinese drama fans who don’t understand Chinese don’t have it easy: Only a tiny amount of Cdramas is available with subtitles. I have long thought about how I could change this situation. Buying licenses is unfortunately not in my capacities, but there’s another more simple way I would like to try: paying subbers!
I think everyone has noticed that more and more Cdramas are being uploaded on Youtube legally and they have the function to add subtitles. However, time has shown that not many volunteers appear to subtitle them. There are many popular dramas that we could watch, but can’t because nobody is subbing them, like Nothing Gold Can Stay, Season Love or Legend of the Dragon Pearl, just to name a few. So how can we make people sub them? By paying them for their hard work! I have quite a big network in the field and know enough people who could provide high quality subtitles in English, so finding subbers is a piece of cake. The only thing missing is the money. I’m only a private person like everyone else and have no way of paying subbers on my own. This means I need your help! If every fan would just contribute 1$, we could already finance the subbing of a handful of Cdramas! You’re of course also welcome to contribute more if you want. 🙂
Guys, let’s put our forces together and make this happen!

Just click on the button below to contribute:

Since we pay, we should also have a say in which dramas should be prioritized.

I compiled a list with unsubbed (or not completed) Cdramas that are available for subbing on Youtube. Let me know in case you find a drama that’s missing on the list!
Please comment which ones you’d like to watch with subs. I will then make a poll in one or two weeks with the mentioned titles and those with the most votes as well as those donators wish for will be prioritized once we can start subbing.

YoYo TV:
Oh My General (upload date yet to be determined)
Love of Aurora
Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can’t Compare to You
Season Love
The Battle at Dawn
Hey, Kids
Shanghai Dawn
Naughty Family
Precious Youth
It’s Not Easy to Be a Woman
Princess Jieyou
Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing
Pretty Wife
Hot Mom
A Servant of Two Masters
The Eagle Corps
Very Love You

ER Doctors
The City of Warriors
Nothing Gold Can Stay
A Weaver on the Horizon
For My Love
Feather Flies to the Sky
White Deer Plain
Legend of Dragon Pearl
The Glory of Tang Dynasty II
The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Get Married
Kung Fu Mother-in-Law
My Lovely Parnts

Idol & Romance:
Mum Go Go Go
Star Times
Guardian of Beauty
Full House of Happiness
My Sassy Girlfriend
Happy Together
Boy and Girl
Four Women Conflict
Sweet Honey
Chinese Style Divorce

Nervous 2
Love Online 2
Love Online
Midnight Foodstore
A Monster in Chang’an
Fighting Time
Imperial Scheme
Comprador Family
War Flowers
Hidden Tiger
The Dream of Red Mansions (2010)
The Pilgrimage of Hsuan Tsang
Stories of Changchun
Before Daybreak
Cupid Above
Years Such As Gold
Who Knows the Female of the Women
Lock Dream
Warriors on Fire
Xiucai Encountered Soldier
Married But Available
Furious War
Marry Me
Beautiful Contract

Dream Stardom:
Sealed With a Kiss
Love Is Only Perfect With You
Ru Yi
Housewife Detective

Croton, Le TV, Tencent, 中剧经典, New TV, Caravan:
A Lifetime Love
Dating Hunter
The Legend of Mi Yue
City Still Believe In Love
Head Above Water
Chinese Style Relationship
Ripening Orange
Touch Me

Variety Shows:
Let Go Of My Baby
Sisters Over Flowers

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