[Crowdfunding] Help getting more Cdramas subbed!

Chinese drama fans who don’t understand Chinese don’t have it easy: Only a tiny amount of Cdramas is available with subtitles. I have long thought about how I could change this situation. Buying licenses is unfortunately not in my capacities, but there’s another more simple way I would like to try: paying subbers!
I think everyone has noticed that more and more Cdramas are being uploaded on Youtube legally and they have the function to add subtitles. However, time has shown that not many volunteers appear to subtitle them. There are many popular dramas that we could watch, but can’t because nobody is subbing them, like Nothing Gold Can Stay, Season Love or Legend of the Dragon Pearl, just to name a few. So how can we make people sub them? By paying them for their hard work! I have quite a big network in the field and know enough people who could provide high quality subtitles in English, so finding subbers is a piece of cake. The only thing missing is the money. I’m only a private person like everyone else and have no way of paying subbers on my own. This means I need your help! If every fan would just contribute 1$, we could already finance the subbing of a handful of Cdramas! You’re of course also welcome to contribute more if you want. 🙂
Guys, let’s put our forces together and make this happen!

Just click on the button below to contribute:

Since we pay, we should also have a say in which dramas should be prioritized.

I compiled a list with unsubbed (or not completed) Cdramas that are available for subbing on Youtube. Let me know in case you find a drama that’s missing on the list!
Please comment which ones you’d like to watch with subs. I will then make a poll in one or two weeks with the mentioned titles and those with the most votes as well as those donators wish for will be prioritized once we can start subbing.

YoYo TV:
Oh My General (upload date yet to be determined)
Love of Aurora
Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can’t Compare to You
Season Love
The Battle at Dawn
Hey, Kids
Shanghai Dawn
Naughty Family
Precious Youth
It’s Not Easy to Be a Woman
Princess Jieyou
Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing
Pretty Wife
Hot Mom
A Servant of Two Masters
The Eagle Corps
Very Love You

ER Doctors
The City of Warriors
Nothing Gold Can Stay
A Weaver on the Horizon
For My Love
Feather Flies to the Sky
White Deer Plain
Legend of Dragon Pearl
The Glory of Tang Dynasty II
The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Get Married
Kung Fu Mother-in-Law
My Lovely Parnts

Idol & Romance:
Mum Go Go Go
Star Times
Guardian of Beauty
Full House of Happiness
My Sassy Girlfriend
Happy Together
Boy and Girl
Four Women Conflict
Sweet Honey
Chinese Style Divorce

Nervous 2
Love Online 2
Love Online
Midnight Foodstore
A Monster in Chang’an
Fighting Time
Imperial Scheme
Comprador Family
War Flowers
Hidden Tiger
The Dream of Red Mansions (2010)
The Pilgrimage of Hsuan Tsang
Stories of Changchun
Before Daybreak
Cupid Above
Years Such As Gold
Who Knows the Female of the Women
Lock Dream
Warriors on Fire
Xiucai Encountered Soldier
Married But Available
Furious War
Marry Me
Beautiful Contract

Dream Stardom:
Sealed With a Kiss
Love Is Only Perfect With You
Ru Yi
Housewife Detective

Croton, Le TV, Tencent, 中剧经典, New TV, Caravan:
A Lifetime Love
Dating Hunter
The Legend of Mi Yue
City Still Believe In Love
Head Above Water
Chinese Style Relationship
Ripening Orange
Touch Me

Variety Shows:
Let Go Of My Baby
Sisters Over Flowers

116 thoughts on “[Crowdfunding] Help getting more Cdramas subbed!

    • Lizzy says:

      Hi, I know it’s been a long time since you put your announcement but are you still subbing dramas that don’t have sub currently ? If so, would it be possible to sub a specific YouTube c drama of summer 2018 that is currently being subbed but very slowly to enable it to be way faster for eng subs ? Please kindly let me know.

  1. Eeris Lee says:

    My top drama from your list: Nothing Gold Can Stay, For My Love, Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can’t Compare to You, The Legend of Mi Yue, Head Above Water.
    I am sure there are others. I need to go through your list
    Thank you!

  2. jayells9 says:

    What about Tribes and Empires? YoYo has uploaded the first four episodes onto their channel and i’m sure a lot people want subs for this drama since it seems no one has gotten the license for this yet.

    Great idea by the way and I appreciate your efforts in utilizing your resources/network in getting a project like this started!

    • cdramaaddict says:

      I am guessing that this drama will soon be subbed by fans already since there is such a huge hype around it, this is why I haven’t mentioned it. And I suppose it will take at least a few weeks before we can really start a subbing project, depending on how fast and how many people will donate. If Tribes and Empires still won’t have been subbed by then, it will get top priority 🙂

  3. kelly says:

    Your idea seems quite interesting. I hope by this way more chinese – english subbers come forward in subtitling dramas. By bias from your list is a life time love. I think remaining dramas that i want to watch has not uploaded legally on youtube yet.

  4. Lili says:

    Love this! I hope enough people will donate, I will for sure and I will make it monthly.
    I have many dramas I want to watch: Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can’t Compare to You, Season Love, Razor, Hot Mom, Very Love You, ER Doctors, Nothing Gold Can Stay, For My Love, White Deer Plain, My Sassy Girlfriend, Boy and Girl, Nervous, Psychologist, City Still Believe In Love and Chinese Style Relationship.
    But how many donations would be needed to sub them all?

    • cdramaaddict says:

      Well, that are really a lot of dramas, but if you give it a lot of time and really a lot of people support us, then maybe we will manage to sub them all one day. Nothing is impossible 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    Superb!!! It’s the best way to make dramas subbed fastly. Earlier have to wait for ages for any drama but it seems like now wait will come to an end (if more people donate). I am very hopeful and sure it gets successful. I was unknown that youtube have subtitle adding feature also. This means if youtube uploaded video have the function to add subtitles then any drama on youtube(if available) can get subbed?

    • cdramaaddict says:

      Unfortunately not all. The uploader on Youtube, this means the owner of the videos, can decide if he wants to activate the “add subtitles” function or not. But as one can see from the above list, many do decide to activate it. 🙂 And maybe even more will in the future when they see that people add subtitles and the videos get a lot more viewers thanks to that. There are still many more Cdramas uploaded on Youtube (and all legally!) where you can’t add subtitles yet.

  6. cdramaaddict says:

    I received info that Oh My General will also be available on Youtube! So I’m adding this one to the list as well. Although it might still take a while till the videos will be uploaded. I suppose it will be after the drama will have finished airing on Youku.

    • cdramaaddict says:

      At the moment it’s unfortunately not available on Youtube, but if it will be in the future, we can sub it of course. 🙂 I will keep you updated and let you know if it appears on Youtube in the future!

      • LY says:


        Do you know how youtube works? How are people able to upload videos legally without copyright infringement?

        • CDB says:

          I’m afraid a private person won’t be able to upload a drama on Youtube legally. Legal uploaders are either the production companies themselves or streaming companies who bought the license.

  7. creidesca says:

    Is Dating Hunter (約會專家) one of the dramas available for subbing (I believe it’s under Croton)?

  8. ria says:

    I’m interested in Head above water , Long for you , Cambrian period , I can’t hug you ,
    A life time love , The Advisors Alliance (2017). count me too.
    thank you.

  9. creidesca says:

    Some dramas to consider from 星光卫视官方频道 youtube channel:
    China Legal (金牌律师)
    Flowers Bloom in Winter (冬暖花会开)

  10. lily says:

    Do you consider drama, variety show etc uploaded by tencent? In variety show, i would love to watch let go my baby and it is available on youtube. It’s first two eps are subbed but remaining needs subbing.

      • kylo says:

        I too want this drama subbed soon so i asked the drama uploader to enable subtitle option and they agreed. But they also said that they can’t remove the regional restrictions. I dunno what regions has such restrictions and why but I can watch it in my region.

      • kylo says:

        Now restrictions are removed for snakefish legend (legend of mermaid) videos and they enabled add subtitle. CDB, do add this drama to list also. Merry christmas to all your wonderful team.

        • CDB says:

          The subbers and me are still unable to access the videos. :/ From which region are you, if it’s ok to ask? Our team consits of people who live on three different continents, but nobody can access, so I’m really wondering where exactly one can view them.
          Merry Christmas to you as well! 🙂

        • CDB says:

          I’ve found a way for us to sub it now! So I’ll add this drama to the list of possible projects. 🙂

      • laura says:

        It is accessible in some south asian countries. If it is not accessible everywhere, I wonder how you are going to sub this drama?

        • CDB says:

          Our team has grown in the meanwhile, we now also have subbers who live in countries that have access to the videos. 🙂

  11. jayells9 says:

    Cannot Hug You piques my interest.

    Fingers crossed that Tientsin Mystic and My Huckleberry Friends eventually get uploaded legally onto Youtube.

    Just curious, I know this is pretty early on in the project but is there a certain amount you had in mind to raise for each drama and will that amount guarantee that the drama gets subbed in its entirety? Thanks again!

    • CDB says:

      I am paying the subbers per episode, so there is no guarantee that we can complete a drama. It will depend on if donations keep coming in and how much we will receive. We will need at least a few hundred dollars to complete a drama, depending on how long the drama is.

      At this stage, everything is still a gamble, there is no way of knowing how it will turn out. But I really hope that this model will be successful so that we can subtitle dramas long-term. We will have to wait and see. If a lot of fans come forward and support us, a tiny sum by each person should already be enough to make it possible!

      If we receive enough donations and can foresee that we’ll be able to complete the dramas, we could even subtitle several dramas simultaneously! It’s all up to the fans now.

      Btw, we already received quite a few donations and are about to start our first subbing project already! 🙂 I will soon announce it in a new post.

      • Kyle says:

        It will be interesting to see which one(s) gets the green light. I’m being a bit selfish here – I have not donated. I am sitting back waiting to see what kind of price tag it would be for a series, if the titles chosen interest me and how the set-up would work (paid per-episode).

        If a title I like or think I will like is chosen then I will definitely contribute a bit now and then maybe again after Christmas season passes and I’m done my annual Christmas gifts and post-Christmas sales purchases.

        Good luck to you and I really do hope you generate enough interest and you can get the subtitlers to subtitle.

  12. jayells9 says:

    Ahh I see.

    I have another question, if you don’t mind me asking. How do you know when a drama is in the process of being added onto Youtube, like in the case of Oh My General or Cannot Hug You?
    More importantly, have you heard anything about My Huckleberry Friends being added..:-)

    But anyways, that’s great news about the subbing project and I will look forward to seeing how this project develops. I hope it’s a success!

    • CDB says:

      For Oh My General, I directly asked the uploader if they’ll have this one (and a few other dramas) and they said yes to Oh My General. Very nice people who reply immediately btw. 🙂
      And Cannot Hug You was announced on the uploader’s Youtube channel. I check all kind of Youtube channels daily to look for new drama trailers etc., so I saw it there.
      I unfortunately haven’t heard anything about My Huckleberry Friends.

  13. Yanie says:

    Ahh, I’m definitely going to donate! I hope that this project really thrives! ^^
    Also I see on sites that a lot of fans like me are waiting for I Cannot Touch You to be subbed so I’m voting for that. :3

  14. amy nguyen says:

    What about blind date? I’m pretty sure most of the episodes are released on youtube, raw

    • CDB says:

      They’re not, unfortunately. Croton had started to upload it but later took the episodes down again. I don’t know why.

  15. Zouya Butt says:

    Hi! if i want to watch drama what should i do about it bcz right now i dnt anything to donate this site plz tell me more farther about it

  16. K Parks says:

    Do you know if The Legend of Flying Daggers and the Legend of Jade Sword will be ever be subbed?

  17. JaLee Nya says:

    Oh My General is the one I am waiting for subs the most. But Love of Aurora would be good to as it is already licensed and uploaded.

    • CDB says:

      Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know about this website. However, as far as I can see, you need to have your own content, don’t you? We don’t own the videos, we’re only adding subtitles.

  18. xia says:

    Can you add delicious destiny to the list?

    I agree with the user above, patreon is a good choice, I see many translation teams use it.

  19. Dk says:

    Legend of Heavenly Tear
    Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud
    Mystery in the Palace
    For the Sake of Beauty
    Hua xu yin: city of desperate love

    • Dk says:

      I tried donating but i can only see pay pal account login. I dont want to create pay pal account. Prefer to use a debit card.

      Also, i would like to add Legend of Flying Dagger to my list above.

      • CDB says:

        From the dramas you named, Mystery in the Palace and For the Sake of Beauty are available for subbing, the others not unfortunately.

        As to the donations, you can also use a debit card with a PayPal account, After the money has been wired, you can simply cancel the account again.
        Or else, there is also the possibility to wire the money directly to us. You can contact me under alice@cdramabase.com and I can give you the bank details.

  20. JaLee Nya says:

    I was waiting to dnate yesterday as I wan to create a recuring donation the 30th of each month but it slipped out of my mind until this morning, when I had a pop-up notification from 4UDrama telling us that “Love Aurora” ep1 and 2 have been eng subbed and ready to watched. Is that you that done it guys? If it is thank you. It reminded me my earlier comment about it so I quicly donated.

    • CDB says:

      Love of Aurora isn’t done by us. We’re currently only subbing Dating Hunter, but will add new subbing projects soon.

      Thank you for your support! 🙂

    • pearl says:

      I don’t know who’s subbing love of aurora. But for some dramas I got to know that 4udrama are just taking subs from elsewhere (without the subber permission) and crediting themselves for the same.

  21. CDB says:

    Idol & Romance is allowing subs on all their videos, which gives us a whole bunch of new possible subbing projects: The Ten Deadly Sins, Warm Love, Children’s Hospital Pediatrician, My! Physical Education Teacher, My Brother’s Name Is Shunliu, The Endless Love, Guo Jie, Wu Dang, Wu Dang 2, The Spy War, Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion, The Tibet Code, One Thousand Teardrops, Romance of Red Dust, I’m a Special Forces Soldier, Mu Guiying Takes Command, A Unque Militiman, Yuanyang Palin, Young Justice Bao, Young Justice Bao II, Young Justice Bao III, We Are the Best Ten Years, My Father Is Wonderful, Sunflower Love, Who Was the Real Mastermind, Chief Butler, The Maiden Heroine, Heroic Legend, Living, The Legend of Night.

  22. b says:

    I really want to watch Oh My General! I hope it gets uploaded soon. This is a wonderful idea, thank you 🙂

  23. Sissi says:

    Awesome idea i love it just wondering how much should i pay so that nothing gold can stay and legend of dragon pearl could be translate? And if i can donate through Paypal? Thanks for your work waiting for your answer..😄

  24. dracan says:

    Are the Yoyo Television Classics like Dwelling Narrowness available for subtitles? I would be willing to pay the $$ to sub a great classic.

  25. Philip Simaika/ M.Figl says:

    I’m in Europe (Germany) and have a question. Do you have a own Website for this series or movies to download, or do you also offer them in form of DVD ? Take for example Snakefish legend with Zanilia Zhao liying. It’s blocked by You Tube in the U.S. (eng sub). Funny. If I want it in the original language no problem, but when it’s being subbed I suddenly have problem. There are so much like the Legend of flying Dragger who are surely interesting but not available with eng subtitles. So of course I’m willing to donate (it normal to pay hardworking people), but are you independant ?
    I received this link from the Facebook page of my favorite actress Zanilia Zhao, so to support you would be fine for me. How does all this work ?

  26. KJ says:

    I know it’s a bit older than some of the other titles, but can I suggest Rich Man Poor Love (钻石王老五的艰难爱情) to be added to the list. It’s one drama that has had my interest for a while now without any subbers picking it up. Thank you!

    Drama link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5BY2xpMmAE

  27. momo twci says:

    i want help.no offense i don ‘t think most people can translate some of the Chinese dramas except those whose native language is Chinese.I am Chinese, but my English level is low, can only let others understand, grammar problems can not be solved.If you don ‘t care my problems, I can help translate some drama that the background is the past.But you have to get the copyright of Chinese drama.i can help for free.i love spreading my country china’s drama to the world.

  28. Maramnini (@wufanini1) says:

    It would be really amazing if you guys can sub ‘Shall I Compare You To a Spring day’
    i did myself dirty and started the first 2 episodes not knowing it is not fully subbed.
    thank you for all the efforts

    • CDB says:

      We only subtitle dramas that were legally uploaded onto Youtube. LET’s Shake It is unfortunately not legally available so far.

  29. ̶P̶E̶R̶M̶A̶W̶A̶R̶S̶ (@lauraroslin7) says:

    Hello. Is there progress on this project? Princess Jieyou is on youtube but never got subbed past Ep 18.
    I see others on your list have gotten subbed and can be seen via different streaming services.
    Recently, Nothing Gold Can Stay was put up on Amazon, all eps subbed.
    But there seems to be no hope for Princess Jieyou, and if you go to the youtube channel, it was getting like 70K views per episode, very popular.

  30. Imen says:

    there is a translation to english for this serie : Peacekeeping Infantry battalion . any one can give me the link thanks in advance.

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