[News Corner] The Hallyu Ban is finally over!

Great news for everyone who has waited to see a Cdrama starring a Korean actor or actress! There were already hints in this direction, looking at how a Cdrama with a Korean actress was presented at the Autumn 2017 TV program trade fair, but now it’s official,  the Hallyu Ban is finally lifted! We can expect lots of drama releases with Korean stars in the near future.


What is the Hallyu Ban?

“Hallyu” is the Korean word for “Korean Wave” and describes the huge influence Korean entertainment has had in the whole world over the past years. Korean entertainment has rolled over other countries like a wave.
China’s “Hallyu Ban” means thus that everything Korean has been banned in Chinese entertainment. No Cdramas starring Korean actors or actresses, no Kdramas on TV, no K-Pop, etc.


Why was there a Hallyu Ban?

In July 2016, South Korea announced that they will deploy the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), an American missile-defense system, by the end of 2017 as a response to North Korea’s missile threats. Thereupon, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that this step could jeopardize “China’s legitimate national security interests.”  The Sino-Korean relations have been very tense since then, leading to measures like economic retaliations or the Hallyu Ban.


How has the Hallyu Ban now been lifted?

On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, China and South Korea’s foreign ministires issued an agreement recognizing the importance of a good relationship between both countries. They want to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in all areas again as soon as possible, since this will benefit both sides.
China, however, is still against the deployment of THAAD, but the neighbors agreed to further communicate with each to find a solution. The South Korean President Moon Jae In had temporarily suspended the THAAD deployment this June with the hope of reconciling the once good relationship with China.


Which Cdramas were affected by the Hallyu Ban?

Here is a list of the total 53 Cdramas that were affected by the Hallyu Ban:

  1. Jade Lovers – 翡翠恋人, starring Lee Jong Suk
  2. Mr. Right – 我的男神, starring Ji Chang Wook
  3. Endless August – 八月未央, starring Rain
  4. Fighter of the Destiny – 择天记, starring Ko Hyun Ho
  5. Undercover – 卧底归来, starring Shin Min Hee
  6. Memory Lost – 美人为馅, starring Lee Geon Ju
  7. Shuttle Love Millenium – 相爱穿梭千年2, starring Yoo In Na
  8. Graduation Season – 毕业季, starring Krystal Jung
  9. New City – 新海, starring Jang Hyuk
  10. Castle in the Time – 时光之城, starring Park Min Young
  11. Braveness of the Ming – 锦衣夜行, starring Park Min Young
  12. The Legendary Tycoon – 传奇大亨, staring Gu Hye Seon
  13. Bound At First Sight – 最美不过初相见, starring Lee Hyun Woo
  14. Happiness Chocolate – 女孩子的进化论之幸福巧克力, starring Clara Lee
  15. The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream – 夏梦狂诗曲, starring Go Joon Hee
  16. The Fox’s Summer – 狐狸的夏天, starring Kim Tae Hwan
  17. My Congenial Girlfriend’s Happy Moments – 麻辣女友的幸福时光, staring Choo Ja Hyun
  18. Gorgeous Workers – 华丽上班族, starring Choo Ja Hyun
  19. Hunting Tiger 1946 – 猎虎1946, starring Choo Ja Hyun
  20. Love Express – 爱情也包邮, starring Joo Won
  21. The Lady in Cubicle – 格子间的女人, starring Nathan Lee
  22. The Song – 恋恋阙歌, starring Nathan Lee
  23. I, Another – 世界上的另一个我, starring Nathan Lee
  24. Love Is Leaving – 安娜的爱人, starring Nathan Lee
  25. Lover’s Lies – 恋人的谎言, starring Jung Il Woo
  26. Beautiful Woman – 女人花似梦, starring Jung Il Woo
  27. Honey, I’m Sorry – 亲爱的对不起, starring Joo Jin Mo
  28. The Lee Family – 李家大院, starring Chae Rim
  29. Hand In Hand – 左手温暖右手, starring Chae Rim
  30. My Goddess, My Mother – 我的女神我的妈,starring Lee Da Hae
  31. Distressed Beauty – 卿本佳人, starring Kim Jung Hoon
  32. Love Returns – 爱归来 starring Kwon Sang Woo
  33. Hope that Husband Successes – 望夫成龙, starring Lee Tae Hwan
  34. Became A Handsome Man – 变身花美男, starring Lee Sang Yeob
  35. Woman – 女人三十朱冬花, staring Kim Jin Woo and Dennis Oh
  36. Wine Family – 酒店世家, starrring Lee Joo Hyun
  37. City Lover – 城市恋人, starring Choi Ji Woo
  38. Japanese Rose War – 蔷薇的战争, starring Kim Sun Ah
  39. The Left Ear – 重耳传, starring Han Chae Young
  40. Billion Dollar Heir – 亿万继承人, starring Choi Shi Won
  41. Can Enemies Become Lovers – 不是冤家不恋爱, starring Shin Min Hee
  42. Could Love Be Passionately In Love – 冷爱热恋, starring Shin Min Hee
  43. Good Wife – 好妻子, starring Shin Min hee
  44. The Great Calligraphy Master Wang Xizhi – 书圣王羲之, starring Kim Tae Hee
  45. 1931 Love -1931年的爱情, starring Han Chae Young
  46. Odds of Success – 胜算, starring Han Chae Young
  47. The Eagle With One Wing – 单翼雄鹰, starring Jang Na Ra
  48. Once Loved You, Distressed Forever – 我曾爱过你,想起就心酸, starring Jang Dong Gun
  49. Popcorn – 爆米花, starring Park Hae Jin
  50. Men Friends – 男人帮朋友, starring Park Hae Jin
  51. Full House – 幸福小镇之浪漫满屋, starring Eli Kim
  52. Circle of Friends – 朋友圈儿之温州媳妇, starring Kang Ta
  53. A Different Scene – 异现场, starring Han Ji Seok

Note: Some of those productions made adjustments and either exchanged the Korean actors or cut out their scenes in order to be allowed to air.


Sources: Cnn, Sohu


6 thoughts on “[News Corner] The Hallyu Ban is finally over!

  1. Nathalia says:

    This is good news, especially seeing the top 4. But Choi Seung Hyun’s (T.O.P.) film, Out of Control is not on this list. I heard it was included in the Hallyu Ban, but that it would also be released. Is there a reason it is not on this list?

    • CDB says:

      The reason why it’s not included is that it is a movie, while this article, and the blog in general, is only covering dramas.

  2. Kara says:

    A lot of these listed dramas haven’t been aired which makes me wonder why? I know that Jade Lovers and Castle of Time suffer from scandals about the Chinese lead actors which is why they won’t air but that’s not the case with Mr. Right or The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream, yet they are still shelved. Doesn’t seem like the ban is really lifted.

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