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[What’s on Weibo] Celebrities in Chinese TV Dramas Can No Longer Receive Excessive Salaries

Remember the recent discussion about the Chinese drama industry going down the wrong path by valuing big names more than quality and creativity? The government has taken further measures to better the situation.


Manya Koetse from What’s on Weibo wrote on September 22, 2017:

“A document issued by the Chinese film, TV & radio industry association states that celebrities in Chinese TV dramas should no longer receive ‘excessive’ salaries. Top-earning stars’ high fees are considered ‘harmful’ for a healthy development of China’s entertainment industry.

On September 22, the China Alliance of Radio, Film, and Television (CARFT) issued a statement regarding the pay of actors in Chinese television dramas, Xinhua News reports.

The CARFT, a non-profit organization that works under the government, orders China’s production agencies to limit the expenses for cast salaries to no more than 40% of the total production costs for online/TV drama series. Within this percentage, the salary of the show’s leading actors cannot exceed 70% of the total salary paid to all actors.

The measurement is meant to improve the “healthy and orderly development of the [entertainment] industry.” China produces the largest amount of television dramas in the world.”


You can read the full article on What’s on Weibo where the situation is further discussed and examples of stars who received an abnormal high salary are given. You will also find Chinese netizens’ reactions mentioned there.


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