[Finished Airing] Take Your Mark (Web Drama)

The two friends Zhang Ruo Chen (Zhao Zhi Wei) and Cheng Zhe Hai (Xu Yang) have a common dream: They want to become part of the national swimming team. In the national swimming championship they end up competing against each other. During the 200 Freestyle, however, Zhe Hai suddenly falls back and thus has no chance of standing on the awards platform anymore. Moreover, he disappears without any word after the match. Ruo Chen is angry for he believes that Zhe Hai let him win on purpose. Two years later, the two former friends unexpectedly meet again at the same sports school, but Ruo Chen is very cold while Zhe Hai seems to have lost any interest in swimming.


Take Your Mark – 蔚蓝50米
Release Date: 2017-10-17
Main Cast:
Zhao Zhi Wei, Xu Yang
School, Sports, Youth, Romance
Episodes: 16
Original Manhua:
Blue 50M by Nai Ao Mao
Trailer (RAW), MV
Where to watch RAW:
Youtube, Tencent
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Year of Production: 2017
Production & Distribution Company: Leo Force Pictures, Tencent Penguin Pictures
Producer: You Dan
Director: Huang Yuan Da
Screenwriter: Wang Shi
Filming Location: Shenzhen


Pictures and posters: