[News Corner] Anhui TV announced their purchased dramas for 2018

Anhui TV has made official their drama lineup for 2018!

The following dramas are planned to air on Anhui TV in 2018:
Lost In 1949 – 脱身
The Celebrities from the Alley – 小巷名流
Love Won’t Wait – 如果.爱
First Dream – 初心
Le Temps s’enfuit – 没有岁月可回头
Attain the Highest Level in One Step – 一步登天
Single Queen – 不婚女王
My! Physical Education Teacher – 我的!体育老师
Dear My Friends – 亲爱的她们
The Legends of Monkey King – 大泼猴

Lots of dramas we haven’t heard of before, I will try to give you updates asap!

Curious which dramas the other TV stations will air in 2018? Take a look at Hunan TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Jiangsu TV‘s lists of purchased dramas.

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