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[Upcoming] Eighteen Springs

Shanghai, 1930s. Shen Shijun, a young engineer, has fallen in love with his colleague, the beautiful Gu Manzhen. He is determined to resist his family’s efforts to match him with his wealthy cousin so that he can marry her. But dark circumstances—a lustful brother-in-law, a treacherous sister, a family secret—force the two young lovers apart. As Manzhen and Shijun go on their separate paths, they lose track of one another, and their lives become filled with feints and schemes, missed connections and tragic misunderstandings. At every turn, societal expectations seem to thwart their prospects for happiness. Still, Manzhen and Shijun dare to hold out hope—however slim—that they might one day meet again. A glamorous, wrenching tale set against the glittering backdrop of an extraordinary city, Half a Lifelong Romance is a beloved classic from one of the essential writers of twentieth-century China.
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Eighteen Springs – 半生缘
Release Date: TBA
Main Cast:
Jiang Xin, Joe Cheng, Carina Lau, Guo Xiao Dong
Historical, Romance, Drama
Beijing TV
Original Novel:
Half a Lifelong Romance by Eileen Chang
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Where to watch with subtitles:
currently no subbing in planning
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Year of Production: 2017
Production Company: Shanghai YeaH! Media, Perfect World Pictures, Fuse Vision
Producer: He Xiu Qiong, Miao Meng, Guo Xiao
Director: Yang Ya Zhou, Yang Bo
Screenwriter: Liu Mi Ying
Filming Location: Hengdian World Studios, Shanghai, Beijing


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