[News Corner] Autumn 2017 TV Program Trade Fair: Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin for The Mythical Realm & many more new dramas presented

From September 27 – September 29 is held the Autumn 2017 TV program trade fair in Beijing (2017秋季北京电视节目交易会). The trade fair is a huge event where the whole industry is coming together with over 500 companies and 2700 people participating. More than 1100 items are presented, among them dramas, web dramas, movies, animated movies and documentaries. Equally present are over 150 companies and 500 people (TV stations, online streaming sites and even international companies) who are interested in buying items.
Obviously, many new drama productions are being announced on this occasion. See them listed below.

Princess Agents 2 with the original cast is unfortunately not happening, but Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin might come back together on screen as the leads in the xianxia drama “The Mythical Realm”! They’re currently in talks for this drama as stated on the poster.


Chen Xiao and Victoria Song are in talks to star as the leads in modern drama “Marriage Out of Love”.


This year’s hit drama Across the Ocean to See You is getting a second season! There will be a new story (and thus probably also a new cast), but the main elements of the first season will be kept: We’ll have a strong carreer woman with a secret and a nice and hardworking guy who will fall for her and do everything for her. The theme of the two cities will be kept as well, this time it will be Shanghai and Sydney (instead of London). No words on the cast yet.


Zhang Han and Korean actress Go Joon Hee’s modern music drama “The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream”, which wrapped up filming back in July 2016, is being presented at the fair as well. Could this mean that the end of the Hallyu Ban is nearing? Let’s hope so!


Melodrama “Love Is Brave” starring Huang Hai Bo and Zhang Jing Chu is being presented with a new poster. Two Chinese people meet while in Cambodia, fall in love with each other, marry and have a daughter. The focus of this drama is on how the family deals with the wife having a terminal illness.


Chen Kun’s comeback drama The Double has changed its English title to “Lost In 1949”.


The Chinese remake of the Korean hit drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” starring Zhang Yi Shan and Cai Wen Jing now has an official English title in “Give Me Love”.


The popular wuxia novel “The Wanderer Chronicles” by Liang Yu Sheng is getting a new adaptation. No cast announced yet. Previous adaptations include the 2002 drama “Heroic Legend” starring Fan Bing Bing.


“The Years You Were Late” started filming in July and stars Huang Xiao Ming as the main lead. It is adapted from a novel by Yan Ge Ling and focuses on the 1980s, the time of the policies of reform and opening up.


Chinese Partner also presented itself with a new poster.


Sources: BBPA, Sina

6 thoughts on “[News Corner] Autumn 2017 TV Program Trade Fair: Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin for The Mythical Realm & many more new dramas presented

  1. Rangsey says:

    yay , a new drama for XingYue. if we don’t get PA 2, we still have this new drama. Please sign on this drama

  2. lilread says:

    If LGX and ZYL don’t end up doing Mythical Realm, can they do Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu (Wanderer Chronicles) instead? Please pretty please.

  3. Trinzie says:

    Why is there no PA part 2? everyone is waiting for their come back..Their fillipino fans loved their tandem! we wish that there is a part 2 of PA..Yuwen yue and Xing’er are our favorite love team ever! Please part 2 pa PA..😥😯😍

  4. Trinzie says:

    the LGX and ZYL chemistry are very strong! the are perfect couple we hope they end up being together! Pls. Part of PA.. We all cried for the ending of PA in part 1 we didn’t expected that Yuwen yue will die after all what he did,He and Xing’er are the strongest tandem couple..We want them to see each other. Their fillipino fans are patiently waiting for PA part 2..God bless LGX and ZYL and their team..,😍

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