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[News Corner] Jiangsu TV announced their purchased dramas for 2018

After Hunan TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu TV is the next station to have announced their drama lineup for 2018!

Here is the publicized list of dramas to air on Jiangsu TV in 2018 (or even later this year):
Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – 如懿传
Win the World – 赢天下
Mr. Right – 恋爱先生
New York – 在纽约
Only Side By Side With You – 南方有乔木
Memories of Love – 一路繁花相送
Sweet Dreams – 一千零一夜
The Celebrities from the Alley – 小巷名流
Fox Hunt – 猎狐
In Law We Believe – 因法之名
Mother Said – 娘道
Small Happiness – 小欢喜

Again, I will try to let you know more about the newly announced ones as soon as time allows. Which dramas are you most looking forward to? 🙂

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