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[News Corner] Zhejiang Satellite TV announced their purchased dramas for 2018

There were already some rumors about which dramas Zhejiang Satellite TV has bought for next year, but now we have an official list!

Here is the publicized list of dramas to air on Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2018 (or even later this year):
Legend of Fuyao – 扶摇
Age of Legends – 橙红年代
Jigsaw Puzzle – 拼图
A World Without Swindling – 天下无诈
City of Desire – 欲望之城
Brave Heart 2 – 勇敢的心2
Entrepreneurial Age – 创业时代
Operation Moscow – 莫斯科行动
The Evolution of Our Love – 爱情进化论
Only Side By Side With You – 南方有乔木
Small Happiness – 小欢喜

Not on the list although previously rumored to have gone to ZJSTV are:
The Rise of Phoenixes – 凰权·弈天下
See You Again – 时间都知道

I will try to provide you information on the newly announced ones as soon as possible. Which dramas are you most looking forward to? 🙂

Hunan TV was the first TV station to have announced their purchased dramas for 2018. If you haven’t seen the list yet, you can take a look at it here.

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