[Author] Gu Xi Jue – 顾西爵



Pen & Real Name: Gu Xi Jue – 顾西爵, Celine
Name Given By Her Fans: Xi Mi Lu – 西米露 (Tapioca Pudding)
Sex: Female
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: 1986-10-27
Birthplace: Jiaxing, Zhejiang
Currently lives in: Hangzhou
Social Media: Weibo

Her Novels

Best to Have Met You – 最美遇见你

Story: In college the female protagonist meets the male protagonist, who wrote her a love letter in high school, again, but she can’t remember him.

Publication Date: 2011-09
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: Best to Have Met You (in planning)
Movie Adaptation: The Story of My Life (2015)
English Fan Translation: Fanatical, status: completed

Season – 若不是因为爱着你/ 何所冬暖,何所夏凉

Story: The male protagonist stays by the female protagonist’s side and waits for her for many years.

Publication Date: 2012-06
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: Season Love (2017)
English Fan Translation: Window to Within, status: 5 chapters translated

I’m Standing on the Bridge Looking at the Scenery – 我站在桥上看风景

Story: The male protagonist pulls the female protagonist out of depression after she lost her first love.

Publication Date: 2013-06
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: To Love, To Heal (2018)
English Fan Translation: None

All In Love – 满满都是我对你的爱

Story: This novel covers family love, friendship and romantic love by telling anecdotes of a couple from dating till married life.

Publication Date: 20014-01
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: None
English Fan Translation: Tofubyu, status: completed

Time – 对的时间对的人

Story: Time tells the story of a couple who first met through an online game.

Publication Date: 2014-07
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: Love’s Always Online (upcoming)
English Fan Translation: Turtle and Hare Translations, status: 6 chapters translated

Always By Your Side – 我一直在你身边

Story: This novel tells a love story that surpasses several lifes. The male protagonist has loved the female protagonist for thousands of years.

Publication Date: 2015-07
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: None
English Fan Translation: None

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