[Poll] What kind of new content would you like to see on CdramaBase?

I’m continuously trying to make CdramaBase a better place for all of us. I’m having a few ideas of what new content I could add, but the most important are your, the readers, opinions! What do you think about the following ideas?

Since Korean dramas are still the most popular Asian dramas out there and probably many Cdrama watchers also watch them, I thought about adding infos on upcoming Kdramas as well. And as Korea produces a lot less than China, it should be doable to keep up with it, lol. However, there are already many blogs covering news on Korean dramas or websites listing the upcoming dramas out there, so would you still love to see them listed here as well?

I could also add infos on Taiwanese dramas. Japanese or Thai dramas are no option for me though, I’m not familiar enough with them nor proficient enough in Japanese or Thai to look up drama news.

Another idea would be to add infos on Chinese movies. However, there are so many movies coming out every year, that it would be really time-consuming to provide infos on all of them. I’ll have to see if this will really be doable, depending on how much time I’ll be able to invest in CdramaBase in the future.

Or should I not branch out and rather concentrate on providing you all infos on Chinese dramas as complete and as soon as possible? Adding other contents would of course mean that I might fall behind with providing updates on Cdramas, again, depending on how much time I can spend on CdramaBase.

One side project I already started though and will also continue for sure as time allows is providing infos on Chinese novels that were made into dramas (and other novels by the same authors).

What do you think about these ideas? Or do you have any other suggestions what you’d like to see on CdramaBase? Please let me know! 🙂

9 thoughts on “[Poll] What kind of new content would you like to see on CdramaBase?

  1. reader says:

    There are already a lot of websites covering K dramas, so it doesn’t add much to go there.

    For me, I’m interested in reading about non-Mary Sue dramas. Most dramas on Viki are mostly very Mary Sue and rather mindless. Another one-dimensional tale of the quest of a very special underprivileged female who ends up marrying a great young lad of noble birth while pursued by princes from all over the world. There are already too many dramas in this category including Empress Ki, Ruby Lin, Fan Bing Bing, Zhao Li Ying, Tang Yan palace dramas. Many of them have bloated female leads. Each is a world great beauty with Zhuge Liang intelligence who also happens to excel at swashbuckling action. Despite how all these past emperors/kings had a whole palace of concubines, but really, the male lead only loved our one female lead. It’s amusing to see how far the producers and directors bend the facts to fit the Mary Sue fantasies. Sometimes there are slight variations where there is a contrived male alien for outerspace being the perfect man for the female lead. It can be entertaining once in a blue moon, but it has been done too many times.

    I’m more interested in C web dramas the past 2 years as they offer a greater variety of story lines.

  2. mary says:

    Hi admin,
    I think you should only focus on providing infos of cdramas because many other sites are already providing news about kdrama. There are only 1 or 2 sites that has complete cdramas info. I myself follow your site for cdrama updates. Besides that it will better to add infos of chinese movies or taiwanese dramas if possible or add novels and its english translations because cdramas are mostly based on novels adpations. Many drama are as it is (according to novel) but many are different from novel also. So it will nice to read those novels (original) in english. Or providing cdrama recaps. I know recapping is time consuming. I dont know how many persons are associated with this site but i’m saying this ’cause cdramas recapping is not available anywhere. It will be nice to do different or what’s not others doing to make this site better.

  3. fred says:

    Hey, let your site be complete chinese information site. Don’t mix korean updates in it as there are many sites covering korean drama. Apart from chinese dramas,there should be chinese movie information.

  4. jayells9 says:

    Hi, just wanted to first say that I love the site and want to thank you for all the work you do.
    I personally would like it if you could also provide Taiwanese dramas news. Although the Tw-Drama industry isn’t as prolific as it use to be, I still enjoy watching Taiwanese dramas and have difficulty in finding any news/updates in regards to TW-Dramas with English translations. There’s some overlap with Chinese Dramas since some TW stars also star in Mainland China productions and this can also give some exposure to TW dramas/stars for international fans.

  5. adam39 says:

    I love to watch chinese movies even though I have watched only few. I want to watch more but dont know which is promising. It’s nice if you add chinese movies information.

  6. yxg says:

    cdramabase is so good. Thank you. I can’t vote but say to provide fast what you could in chinese entertainment.

  7. Ilek says:

    I agree with above posters. Too many k drama sites and more info on that is not needed here. I come to this site to look up info on C dramas only but if T dramas info were to be included that’d be grest too. I’d like to see reviews, recaps, ending recaps, etc. On Cdramas and potentially Tdramas. Thank you.

  8. Lili says:

    There are so much news on Cdramas, please just bring us more on them. All other blogs I know are just picking out and writing about a few Cdramas they mostly are interested in themselves. I’ve always been looking for more complete info on Cdramas and I’m happy that I found this site!

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