[News Corner] Rumored upcoming dramas on Dragon TV & Zhejiang Satellite TV

Unlike Hunan TV, Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV haven’t published an official list of their purchased dramas yet, but we already have quite a few dramas rumored to air on these channels.

Rumored to air on Dragon TV as daily primetime dramas:
Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – 如懿传 (new rumored air date is 2018-01-01!)
The Double – 脱身者
See You Again – 时间都知道
Mr. Right – 恋爱先生
The Way We Were – 归去来
Jigsaw Puzzle – 拼图
Wonderful Life – 美好生活
Our Glamorous Times – 你和我的倾城时光
Love’s Lies – 真爱的谎言之破冰者

Rumored to air on Dragon TV in the late evening time-slot (release ~2 days a week):
Martial Universe – 武动乾坤
Agni Cantabile – 烈火如歌
Caught in the Heartbeat – 超感

Rumored to air on Zhejiang Satellite TV:
The Rise of Phoenixes – 凰权·弈天下
Age of Legends – 橙红年代
See You Again – 时间都知道
Legend of Fuyao – 扶摇
Jigsaw Puzzle – 拼图
Small Happiness – 小欢喜

I will let you know once those rumors are official. Which dramas are you most excited about? 🙂


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