[Guessing Game] Which Drama Is This From? (6)


It’s time for the next round! Which drama is the above picture from? Leave a comment if you know the answer. The solution as well as the winner (whoever posts the right solution first) will be announced together with the new picture.

Last time’s picture was from Fighter of the Destiny. Congrats to Katara for winning this round! 🙂

7 thoughts on “[Guessing Game] Which Drama Is This From? (6)

      • therainhouse says:

        Yea, it’s probably a browser issue. I can see it on Microsoft Edge though not on Chrome but this is weird because I can see all the images in your other posts using Chrome.

        • cdramaaddict says:

          That is indeed weird. Unfortunately, I’m not that computer literate and have no idea where the problem might be or how to repair it (or if one even can repair it).

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