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[Finished Airing] Ordinary Years

After graduating from middle school, Li Da Bao (Shu Yi) directly went looking for a job to support his family since his father died early. Now he’s responsible for repairing the machines in a textile factory. When Zhang Duo Duo (Xu Fan Xi), a performer in a song and dance troupe, goes to a spinning and weaving workshop, her hair gets stuck and Li Da Bao is the one to save her. He accompanies her to the song and dance troupe to report the incident, but accidentally bumps into Duo Duo while she’s changing clothes. To save him from being viewed as a hoodlum, Duo Duo decides to marry Da Bao.


Ordinary Years – 平凡岁月
Release Date: 2017-09-10
Main Cast:
Sha Yi, Xu Fan Xi
Romance, Family
Beijing TV, Anhui TV
Where to watch RAW: Youtube
Where to watch with subtitles: currently no subs available
(request the license on Viki and Dramafever)


Year of Production: 2016
Production Company: Beijing Paige Huachang Entertainment
Director: Yu Chun
Screenwriter: Ni Xue Li
Filming Location: Beijing


Pictures and posters:

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