[Survey] Which unsubbed dramas would you love to see subbed?

There are lots of Cdramas out there that unfortunately still haven’t been subbed up to date. Which of these dramas would you love to see? I’m planning to create a poll later to see which ones people are most waiting for, but first I need to know which dramas I should include in that poll. Please leave a comment and let me know which unsubbed dramas you have in mind. 🙂

125 thoughts on “[Survey] Which unsubbed dramas would you love to see subbed?

  1. selena says:

    Above is a big list of unsubbed dramas. You should add them to the list which are legally available on youtube.

  2. Maria Fernanda Mendoza-Loza says:

    I just really want a english sub for the chinese drama: Fool In Love With You 2

  3. FarahNeseli says:

    I so wish Advisors Alliance could be subbed.Season 01 was subbed on Youtube which has been removed now but it still could be found on other sites.But no subs for Season 02 as the fansub account has been terminated 🙁

  4. Subhadra bansal says:

    There are many cdramas which are unsubbed which i want to watch like
    •Dragon day you are dead
    •stairway to stardom
    •love is in the air

  5. Cocomo says:

    Stairway to stardom,
    beyond light years,
    princess of lanling king
    love is in the air

    They were started by subbers but then became abandoned projects 🙁

    Apart from those Demon Catcher Zhong Kui and the upcoming dramas sweet dreams and legend of yunxi in case those don’t get subs.

  6. Krittika says:

    Really really want “youth in your name”(2018) chinese drama series to be eng subbed.

  7. FGLou says:

    Are these Ma Tian Yu dramas subbed or have Cantonese dubbed anywhere?

    Scouring marriage / Dear Marriage
    Edge of happiness
    Beauty Private Kitchen
    Mao ya ya Marriage Diary

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