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[News Corner] Drama & Casting Rumors

What are Cnetizens currently talking about? What are the latest drama-related rumors? Read it here!

1) The highly successful 2010 Thai movie A Crazy Little Thing Called Love will be made into a Chinese drama!

The Chinese remake will supposedly air on Hunan TV and run for approximately 28 episodes. Filming is expected to start in October. So far, no cast has been announced yet, but Cnetizens have already pronounced their favorite choices:

Lu Han & Dilraba Dilmurat

Lu Han & Dilraba Dilmurat recently appeared together on the variety show Running (the Chinese version of the Korean Running Man) and viewers loved their interacting. Both are young and uprising actors who starred in big hit dramas this year. They would certainly make a cute on-screen couple!


Liu Hao Ran & Tan Song Yun

Liu Hao Ran and Tan Song Yun, the main leads from last year’s hit web drama With You, have left such a huge impression on everybody that Cnetizens would love to see this lovely couple back on screen again!

What do you think about these pairings? Who would be your favorite choice?

Source: Sina

2) Is Reply 1988 getting a Chinese remake?

A new Chinese drama is in the making which has gotten a lot of attention because its description sounds exactly like the 2015 Korean drama Reply 1988. It is called 我们的青春期 which translates to “Our Youth” and has a cast full of fresh new faces. However, there was no official report that this is supposed to be a remake of Reply 1988, so Cnetizens are wondering if the production team even got the rights or if this is actually a copy.

This reminds me of the controversy surrounding the drama Because of You earlier this year, which was actually exactly the same case. It was found out to be a remake of the 2014 Korean drama Come! Jang Bo Ri, but no official statement had been made about it. My guess is that production companies are just reluctant to announce that they’re remaking Korean dramas due to the current Hallyu ban.

What are your thoughts on it? Are you excited that Reply 1988 is being remade?

Source: Sina

3) Legend of the Dragon Pearl is not over yet!

There are plans for a second, a third and even a fourth season! This is what the screenwriter Li Ya Ling had reported before. However, if this will really happen and if the cast from the first season will come back in case it will, is still unclear.

Season one is already on the very long side with 90 episodes (although only 30 minutes each), so what do you think about getting more seasons?

Source: Sina

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