[Giveaway] Win the English translated novel of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms!


Cdramabase is having its very first giveway!

And here is what you can win: The English translated novel of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms! You can visit Amazon for more infos on the novel.

How to participate?

There are two possible ways for you to win:
1) Leave a comment here and tell us why you loved the drama.
2) Share the Facebook post about this giveaway.

One winner will be randomly chosen from each platform! The deadline is October 1st.
Good luck! 🙂

10 thoughts on “[Giveaway] Win the English translated novel of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms!

  1. Voicu Geanina says:

    i think this is an ordinary story, but harmonized in something gorgeous. besides its simpleness, it’s a story full of charm and great characters. and the immortal world…i think i like it even more:)))

  2. Sunlene says:

    I just fell in love with its unordinary, not at all cliche plot, the characters and the actors/actresses who brought them to life, the beautiful costumes, set, and graphics, as well as the original soundtrack (the theme song, ending song…) I loved how there was magic, how the leading lady Bai Qian was not weak like many female leads but knew how to fight back herself with her magic powers ^_^ I loved how Ye Hua loved Bai Qian as Su Su and pursued her afterward as Bai Qian.

    Everything about the drama was amazing!

  3. Anna says:

    The female lead was very strong – apart from her time as mortal Su Su, Qian Qian didn’t need her man to help her with anything. It was very nice to watch how capable she was. The chemistry between main leads was great. And the love… Every character was very devoted to their loved ones. I sometimes rewatch my favorite moments and there are so many that I can spend few hours just rewatching them 🙂 And Ah Li was cute – I love it when main leads have a child 😀 The OSTs are beautiful… Oh gosh… there is not a single thing I dislike about this drama!

  4. Jennifer dawson says:

    I love Chinese dramas and their novels. I have been dying to read this one since seeing the drama and now that the movie is coming out in the US, I really want to read it to see what the drama left out or added to the story because of Chinese censorship.

  5. Csehné Szabó Katalin says:

    I remember when first time i met with this drama i was quite sceptic. But after a few episodes I couldn’t top to watching.It was wonderful, a bit funny , heroic, romantic and Mark Chao was a perfect Ye Hua. What I liked the most that is the happy end.
    And the Ost was really great.

  6. Keith Carasig says:

    Honestly, I just started watching Chinese drama only on February last year. But since then I haven’t stopped watching cdramas and now I’m currently watching my 40th+ cdrama and already watched more than 30 cmovies. And because ten miles of peach blossom was a big “boom” in Chinese ratings back then, I didnt hesitate on watching it and boy I began to love it! I love how unique the plot is, how the story progressed, how it touched my inner soul, how it gave me chills, and just how natural it looks. + not to mention the great acting that the actors showed specially Yang Mi and Mark Chao(what a comeback), Dilraba, Vin Zhang, and morreee. I definitely now respect them not just as an idol but as an artist. Definitely Eternal love will remain in my heart, and will always be on top of my cdrama list! And as a film student right now, I hope I can replicate a great drama like Eternal love! I really hope I can win this book, because I badly want to have one. Xiexieeee

  7. Dorte says:

    I appreciate this drama’s dealing with sexuality. Ye Hua gets lusty…all the time. He looks like he’s ready to “love” her all the time. It’s a refreshing change from the prudish behavior you normally see in Asian dramas. This drama has ruined me.

  8. Michelle says:

    I loved the drama because the main female character, across all the ‘lives’ had a strong personality. Even when she was SuSu she was clear to YeHua about her opinion should he choose to betray her. It was a nice change from the past few characters that I have watched in CDrama’s where the female lead doesn’t have much of an opinion for herself.

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