[Finished Airing] Tiger Father Dog Son/ My Father Is Wonderful

Tiger Father Dog Son tells the story of a family of four, while focusing on the clashing relationship between father and son. Chang Bao Tong (Han Tou Sheng) is a middle school teacher who is very strict in the upbringing of his two children, son Tian Zi (Jing Chao) and daughter Jia Hui (Zhang Jia Ning). His wife Xiao Tao (Tao Hui Min), however, is a caring housewife and mother. Troublemaker Tian Zi fails the university entrance exam for the second time, but Jia Hui manages to get into the university her father chose for her. While pushing his son to retake preparatory classes, Bao Tong has to realize that he can’t control the life of his daughter like before, now that she entered university.


Tiger Father Dog Son – 虎父犬子
(renamed My Father Is Wonderful – 我的老爸是奇葩 for broadcast on BTV)
Release Date: 2017-07-28 (2017-08-15 on BTV)
Main Cast:
Han Tong Sheng, Tao Hui Min, Jing Chao, Zhang Jia Ning
Family, Romance
Hunan Entertainment Channel
Episodes: 42
Where to watch RAW:
Where to watch with subtitles: Youtube

Year of Production: 2016
Production Company: Joy Entertainment
Director: Liu Biao
Screenwriter: Zhang Ting


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