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[Upcoming] The Wolf

The story happens at the end of the Tang Dynasty, when Zhu Wen usurps the throne and establishes the Later Liang Dynasty, and he’s known as Emperor Taizu. Ma Zhai Xing (Li Qin) is the daughter of an official and as a child, she befriends a young boy (Darren Wang) who lives in the mountain. One day when he saves a wolf, he accidentally falls over the cliff and is rescued by Zhu Wen. The authoritative figure adopts him as a godson and gives him the title Bo Wang. Ten years later, he saves the female lead per chance and finds her courage and intelligence resonant, and she likes that while he’s in a position of power, he still has humility and kindness. She encourages him to fight for justice and he begins that journey by helping the people, stopping throne fights, etc. Even when they have conflicts, they will face those frankly. As they overcome obstacles and fight for justice, feelings deepen and they are able to reap their own happiness by each other’s side.
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The Wolf – 狼殿下
Release Date:
July 2019
Finished filming in September 2017
Main Cast:
Darren Wang, Li Qin
Costume & Period, Romance, Fantasy
Dragon TV
Eng subbed trailer
Where to watch with subtitles: currently no subbing in planning
(request the license on Viki and Netflix)
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Year of Production: 2017
Production & Distribution Company: New Classics Media, Shanghai Youhug Media
Producer: Chen Yu Shan
Director: Meng Fan
Filming Location: Hengdian World Studios, Xiangshan Movie & Television Town, Yunnan


Pictures and posters:

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