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[Finished Airing] The First Half of My Life

Thirty-seven year old Luo Zi Jun (Ma Yi Li) leads a peaceful life as a housewife, yet is unaware of the cracks in her marriage. She is taken aback when her husband (Lei Jia Yin) asks for a divorce, and is unsuccessful in her attempts to save their relationship. After an initial period of denial, Zi Jun heads back into the workforce with the help of best friend Tang Jing (Yuan Quan) and her boyfriend He Han (Jin Dong). Tang Jing is an independent, career-oriented woman, and the way she deals with He Han’s romantic affections for Zi Jun will also be a major plot point in the drama.
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The First Half of My Life – 我的前半生
Release Date: 2017-07-04
Main Cast:
Jin Dong, Ma Yi Li, Yuan Quan, Lei Jia Yin, Wu Yue
Romance, City
Dragon TV, Beijing TV
Original Novel: The First Half of My Life by Yi Shu
Trailer (RAW)
Where to watch RAW:
Where to watch with subtitles: Viki

Year of Production: 2016
Production Company: New Classics Media
Director: Chen Yan
Screenwriter: Qin Wen
Filming Location: Shanghai


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