[Author] A Nai – 阿耐



Pen Name: A Nai – 阿耐, Ane
Real Name: Unknown
Sex: Female
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: In the 1960s
Birthplace: Unknown
Currently lives in: Ningbo, Zhejiang (not confirmed)
Alma Mater: Unknown (engineering major)
Social Media: Weibo, Blog

Her Novels

Shi Hun Zhe – 食荤者


Story: Shi Hun Zhe is about survival in the cruel business world.

Publication Date: 2004-07
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: None
English Fan Translation: None

Yu Sheng – 余生


Story: Yu Sheng tells the story of a career woman in the business world.

Publication Date: 2005-01
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: None
English Fan Translation: None

Bu De Wang Sheng – 不得往生


Story: This is China’s first novel about women entrepreneurship.

Publication Date: 2006-10
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: None
English Fan Translation: None

Going Home/All Is Well – 回家/都挺好


Story: Going Home describes modern female white-collar workers and their changing understanding of what “family” means.

Publication Date: 2007-11
Volumes: 1
Drama Adaptation: All Is Well (2019)
English Fan Translation: None

Da Jiang Dong Qu – 大江东去


Story: The novel depicts the changements in people’s daily life and thinking through the economic reforms in the 1980s.

Publication Date: 2009-01
Volumes: 3
Drama Adaptation: Like a Flowing River (2018), Like a Flowing River 2 (upcoming)
English Fan Translation: None

Ode to Joy – 欢乐颂


Story: Ode to Joy depicts the life and struggles of five young women in modern Shanghai.

Publication Date: 2012-11
Volumes: 3
Drama Adaptation: Ode to Joy (2016), Ode to Joy 2 (2017), Ode to Joy 3 (in planning)
English Fan Translation: None

Min Qi Jiang Hu – 民企江湖


Story: Based on the author’s own experiences, it tells the story of two friends and the set-up of privately run companies.

Publication Date: 2013-04
Volumes: 2
Drama Adaptation: None
English Fan Translation: None

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