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Ode to Joy 2 – Collection of Clips

There are so many clips about Ode to Joy 2 on the net that I thought about compiling them in an extra post.

One thing special to the Ode to Joy franchise is the actors singing the OSTs themselves. Here are clips of our stars singing songs during the opening singing ceremony of season 2:

Liu Tao
Yang Shuo
Jiang Xin
Jiang Xin & Zhang Lu & Chen Long
Wang Zi Wen
Yang Zi
Yang Zi & Wu Hao Chen Duet
Qiao Xin
Deng Lun
Qiao Xin & Deng Lun Duet

Watch the complete opening singing ceremony here.

Here are clips from the opening ceremony:

Trailer for the opening ceremony

Everybody taking a funny picture together
The girls playing the “megaphone game”
The girls playing the “megaphone game” 2
Yang Shuo proposing to Liu Tao
Wang Zi Wen & Qiao Xin changing roles
Qiao Xin & Deng Lun playing the “smash head” game

Watch the complete opening ceremony here.

OSTs (the other songs will be added here once they’re released):

Theme song by all five girls – “US”
Theme Song – Fu Hao “Blind City”
An Di’s Theme Song

Theme song “US”- MV
Liu Tao & Yang Shuo in Thailand “Curry Curry” – MV

If you can’t wait for the next episodes to be released, you can watch the raw episode previews here (I will update and add the new ones regularly):

Ep. 43-44 Preview
Ep. 42 Preview
Ep. 40-41 Preview
Ep. 38-39 Preview
Ep. 36-37 Preview
Ep. 34-35 Preview
Ep. 32-33 Preview
Ep. 30-31 Preview
Ep. 29 Preview
Ep. 27-28 Preview
Ep. 25-26 Preview
Ep. 23-24 Preview
Ep. 21-22 Preview
Ep. 19-20 Preview
Ep. 17-18 Preview
Ep. 16 Preview
Ep. 14-15 Preview
Ep. 12-13 Preview
Ep. 10-11 Preview
Ep. 8-9 Preview
Ep. 6-7 Preview
Ep. 5 Preview
Ep. 3-4 Preview
Ep. 1-2 Preview

Character Introductions:

An Di (Liu Tao)
Fan Sheng Mei (Jiang  Xin)
Qu Xiao Xiao (Wang Zi Wen)
Qiu Ying Ying (Yang Zi)
Guan Ju Er (Qiao Xin)


Eng subbed trailer 1
Trailer 2 (RAW)
Trailer 3 (RAW)
Trailer 4 (RAW)
Trailer 5 (RAW)
Eng subbed trailer 6
Trailer 7 (RAW)
Trailer 8 (RAW)
Trailer 9 (RAW)
Wang Zi Wen & Wang Kai

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