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[Finished Airing] Fighting For Love (Web Drama)

When Xiao Bai Cheng (Liu Mei Han) almost falls down the stairs, her senior Shi Jing (Li He) catches her. She immediately falls for him and makes pursuing him her goal during her university time. In order to get him, she asks her childhood friend Hu Li Shan (Kong Chui Nan) for help. But what she doesn’t know is that Li Shan is actually in love with her and seizes this chance to get her attention instead of really helping her with Shi Jing.


Fighting For Love – 单恋大作战
Release Date: 2018-02-26
Main Cast:
Liu Mei Han, Kong Chui Nan, Li He
Romance, Comedy, Youth
Original Manhua:
Operation One-sided Love by You Mi
Where to watch with subtitles: currently no subs available
(request the license on Viki and Netflix)

Year of Production: 2017
Production Company: Tianjin Motie Xingya Media
Director: Chen Qin Yuan
Screenwriter: Po Wei Yang, Zhao Ming Chang
Filming Location: Beijing, Ningbo, Hangzhou


Pictures and posters:

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