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[News Corner] The latest trend in Cdramaland: Fansubbing on official Youtube channels

Lately, there’s a new trend to observe: Instead of selling the distribution rights to international streaming sites like Viki or Dramafever, more and more Chinese production and distribution companies seem to choose to upload their dramas on their own official Youtube channels and open them to fansubbing.

Here is a list of the production and distribution companies that I found so far who have uploaded dramas on Youtube:

Hualu Baina Film & TV (HLBN)
YoYo TV (not a production company but a streaming platform)

If you happen to know more, please let me know, so that I can include them in this list!

The question now is whether fans capable of subbing will find those videos and start subbing them. While Dramafever engages paid subbers, Viki is based on fansubbing. What Viki volunteers enjoy, besides simply enjoying subbing, is the team work and communication with other fans who share the same passion, which can even result in long-term friendships. Furthermore, the subbing process on Viki is organized, although by fans, and teams with specific roles for everyone are formed. All this is missing on Youtube. Will people be motivated enough to regularly sub on Youtube? And what about the quality of the subs?

What are your thoughts on this new trend?

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