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[Production Companies] Huace Film & TV/ Croton

After producing several mega hits, Huace Film & TV (华策影视) and Croton (克顿传媒) have become well-known names among international Cdrama fans. But who are they actually? Here is a brief introduction.

Huace Film & TV was founded in 2005 and has its headquarters in Hangzhou. Like the name already suggests, they are involved in the production and marketing of movies and television programs, including dramas. Huace is China’s biggest private film and TV company with over 1000 employees and is known as a pioneer in the industry, regularly producing mega hits and receiving many awards.

Links for Huace Film & TV: official website (in Chinese),Youtube channel, Facebook page (with English translations), Twitter

Croton Media was founded in 2003 in Shanghai and is owned by Huace Film & TV since 2013. Croton Media is producing, distributing and researching TV dramas and has the copyrights for over 200 dramas.

Furthermore, Croton has several subsidiaries. This means, if you see any of the following names of production companies, there’s actually Croton behind it:
GCOO Entertainment, Syndication Entertainment, Haoju Entertainment, Cijia Entertainment, Dramacore Entertainment, Croton Entertainment, Kuanhou Media, Mega Media, Fanstory Works, Hue Whale Spirit, Cheers Studio and New Horizons.

Links for Croton: official website (in Chinese),Youtube channel, Facebook page

List of upcoming dramas produced by Huace Film & TV/ Croton:

Blind Date
See You Again
My Story for You
A Love So Beautiful
The Legendary Tycoon
Beyond Light Years
Queen Dugu
An Oriental Odyssey
The Rise of Phoenixes
Entrepreneurial Age
Sweet Combat
Cry Me A Sad River
Age of Legends
Seven of Me
Meng Fei Jia Dao
Braveness of the Ming
The Heroic Act
The Last Hero
The Mage

List of earlier dramas produced by Huace Film & TV/ Croton:

Princess Agents
My Ruby, My Blood
Rush to the Dead Summer
A Life Time Love
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend 2
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
General and I
The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017)
The Princess Weiyoung
Love O2O
Full Love
The Interpreter
My Amazing Boyfriend
First Love
Still Lala
My Sunshine
Boss & Me
My Best Ex-Boyfriend
The Queen of SOP
Return of Happiness
Say That You Love Me
Agent X
Love Is Back
Waking Love Up
Our Love
A Scholar Dream of Woman
The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013)
The Investiture of the Gods
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
The Deer and the Cauldron
Good Luck
Legend of Ace
Symphony of Fate
Happy Noodle
Customize Happiness
Waiting for You
The Great Protector
The Wife’s Lies
The Lover’s Lies
and many more

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