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[News Corner] iQIYI Web Dramas Might Soon Become Available to International Viewers!

I have some very exciting news for us international Cdrama fans! The production company of many great web dramas (such as With You, The Mystic Nine or Memory Lost) iQIYI might soon make its dramas available to viewers outside of China!

At the beginning of this year, iQIYI established a Distribution Department with the objective of increasing the overseas distribution of web dramas, entertainment shows, and animations produced by iQIYI (see: Chinesefilmarket). However, there is no elaboration on how exactly they plan to do so yet.

Nonetheless, this news let’s us have some hope that we’ll finally be able to see iQIYI dramas with subs in the near future! iQIYI is notorious for taking everything related to their productions down from the net, so international fans who need subs have been at a dead end so far. But now this might be over soon. 🙂 Actually, iQIYI’s upcoming web drama Burning Ice released an English trailer not long ago, so maybe they’re planning to show us this drama somewhere with English subs as well?


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