[TV Ratings] Week 32, 2017

Here are the TV ratings for Week 32, August 7 – August 13 (including reruns, average numbers in %):
1 Deepwater Forces (ZJSTV) 0.923
2 Deepwater Forces (BTV) 0.899
3 My Mr. Mermaid (Hunan TV) 0.838
4 Tracks in the Snow Forest (Shandong TV) 0.819
5 Lost Love In Times (Dragon TV) 0.788
6 Anti-Terrorism Special Forces 2 (JSTV) 0.765
7 For My Love (JSTV) 0.763
8 Top Secret (Dragon TV) 0.726
9 Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (Dragon TV) 0.64
10 Tracks in the Snow Forest (Anhui TV) 0.558

Source: Tvtv

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[Coming Soon] Beloved Enemy (Web Drama)

Right on elite businessman Gu Qing Pei (Shang Bai)’s first day of work at his new workplace, the chairman throws his vigorous and arrogant son Yuan Yang (Gao Ming) at him. Yuan Yang sees through Qing Pei’s hypocrite mask, but due to his father pressuring him, he can’t hit him. Therefore, Yuan Yang learns for the first time that there are things that can’t be taken care of by money or fists. He continuously tries to get Qing Pei into trouble, but Qing Pei sees it lightly and calmy resolves every issue. However, things are about to change when Yuan Yang asks his friends to do a background check on Qing Pei and finally finds his achilles heel.

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[Coming Soon] Li Da Bao’s Ordinary Days

After graduating from middle school, Li Da Bao (Shu Yi) directly went looking for a job to support his family since his father died early. Now he’s responsible for repairing the machines in a textile factory. When Zhang Duo Duo (Xu Fan Xi), a performer in a song and dance troupe, goes to a spinning and weaving workshop, her hair gets stuck and Li Da Bao is the one to save her. He accompanies her to the song and dance troupe to report the incident, but accidentally bumps into Duo Duo while she’s changing clothes. To save him from being viewed as a hoodlum, Duo Duo decides to marry Da Bao.

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