[Coming Soon] Unique Lady (Web Drama)

Lin Luo Jing (Zheng Qiu Hong) accidentally gets drawn into a game world where she is the daughter of the prime minister and meets all kind of beautiful men. The system informs her that she can only return to the real world after she finds her true love. While there seems to be an abundance of good men around Luo Jing, there is one man she can’t stand at all: the prince of the barbarian Yuan Kingdom Zhong Wu Mei (Gong Jun). But out of all men, she ends up in an arranged marriage with Wu Mei. Thus begins their love-hate relationship.

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[Upcoming] My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression (Web Drama)

Even though actress Tian Jing Zhi (Esther Yu) and mutant Xue Ling Qiao (Mike D. Angelo) have come to love each other, Ling Qiao decides to leave Jing Zhi in order to allow her an ordinary life. Not soon after, however, Jing Zhi discovers that she’s pregnant. Ling Qiao, who is worried about the expectant mother’s safety, secretely moves in next door. But a mysterious organization also learns that Jing Zhi is pregnant with the mutant’s baby and tries to get close to her with evil intentions in mind.

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[TV Ratings] Week 2, 2019

Here are the TV ratings for Week 2, January 7 – January 13 (including reruns, average numbers in %):
1 The Story of Ming Lan (Hunan TV) 1.034
2 The Great River (JSTV) 0.894
3 Spy Hunter (JSTV) 0.812
4 The King of Blaze 2 (Hunan TV) 0.763
5 Spy Hunter (ZJSTV) 0.712
6 The Lady in Cubicle (ZJSTV) 0.706
7 Behind the Scenes (Dragon TV) 0.663
8 Behind the Scenes (BTV) 0.553
9 My Enemy, My Neighbour (Shandong TV) 0.484
10 Our Youth (Shandong TV) 0.445

Source: Calculated myself.

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[Coming Soon] Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time (Web Drama)

The third season of the Candle in the Tomb series is set in the Republican era during a time when the warlords fight for power and bring disaster upon the people. Tomb raider and head of the Xieling Clan Chen Yu Lou (Pan Yue Ming) joins hands with warlord Luo Lao Wai (Cao Wei Yu) and heads to Xiangxi to explore tombs of the Yuan dynasty. On his journey he meets Zhe Gu Shao (Vengo Gao) who is not interested in any treasures but wants to find a magical bead that can put an end to the curse on his clan. Yu Lou and Gu Shao eventually form an alliance to tread the untrodden path to the Yuan tombs.

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