Happy Lunar New Year!

Many drama productions are wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year with special posters. Find them listed here.

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[TV Ratings] Week 5, 2018

Here are the TV ratings for Week 5, January 29 – February 4 (including reruns, average numbers in %):
1 Mr. Right (Dragon TV) 1.86
2 Flipped in My Youth (Hunan TV) 1.269
3 Negotiator (Hunan TV) 1.214
4 Mr. Right (JSTV) 1.182
5 Peace Hotel (ZJSTV) 0.925
6 The Legend of Zu 2 (ZJSTV) 0.749
7 Untouchable Lovers (Hunan TV) 0.747
8 Fuxing Yingmen (Shandong TV) 0.565
9 Nirvana In Fire 2 (BTV) 0.447
10 To Love, To Heal (Hunan TV) 0.44

Source: Tvtv

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[Coming Soon] Long Time No See

Summer 2003 in Beijing during the SARS epidemic. Hua Duo Duo (Yang Zi Shan), who just graduated from university, bumps into the conglomerate heir He He (Ryan Zheng) and a conflict between the two results. By coincidence, Duo Duo ends up jobbing at the He’s. Although her first impression of He He was extremely bad, after associating with him for a while, she realizes that he isn’t the good-for-nothing he pretends to be, but in fact dreams of founding a gaming company. When He He falls of a building and loses his ability to walk, he becomes depressed. During these difficult times, Duo Duo is the one to stay by his side and support him.

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Introducing TocAsiaTic’s recaps of Mr. Right

My friend Littleangele recently started her own blog on Asian entertainment, tocasiatic.wordpress.com. When we’re talking about Asian entertainment, Korean dramas are still most talked about on the net. In order to help Chinese dramas come to the fore, she decided to try her hand at writing recaps of Chinese dramas, and the first drama she chose to recap is the currently airing mega hit Mr. Right!
Although she’s French and her blog is thus in French as well, she also translated her recaps of the first two episodes of Mr. Right into English to give more people the chance to read them. Please comment on her post and let her know what you think about her recaps. And encourage her to continue if you’d like to read more recaps of hers in the future! 🙂


[TV Ratings] Week 4, 2018

Here are the TV ratings for Week 4, January 22 – January 28 (including reruns, average numbers in %):
1 Mr. Right (Dragon TV) 1.661
2 Flipped in My Youth (Hunan TV) 1.128
3 Mr. Right (JSTV) 1.119
4 Operation Moscow (ZJSTV) 0.917

5 Peace Hotel (ZJSTV) 0.894
6 Best Arrangement (Shandong TV) 0.872
7 To Love, To Heal (Hunan TV) 0.84
8 Untouchable Lovers (Hunan TV) 0.752

9 Fuxing Yingmen (Shandong TV) 0.5
10 Love in Hanyuan (Anhui TV) 0.466

Source: Calculated myself since the official numbers still haven’t been released.

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[Coming Soon] Beauties in the Closet (Web Drama)

The current emperor at the time neglects his duties and spends his time playing and frolicking with the ladies. He also has a habit of hunting foxes late at night. With their declining population and innocent deaths rising, the enraged Fox Clan wages a war against the royal family. They reserve a special pearl that boosts power and beauty to the consumer, which is stolen by a pair of sisters (Hu Bing Qing, Chen Yao) and split between them. They enter the palace as dancers to fulfill the mission of killing the emperor. But before the sisters could kill the emperor, he’s abruptly assassinated, and the throne goes to Li Han (Vic Zhou).
(Source: Mydramalist)

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[Coming Soon] Excellent Investor

Excellent Investor deals with the distance between dreams and reality and raises the question of how to find yourself. Fang Yu Bin (Yang Xu Wen) is no different from tens of thousands other young men who leave their small town to realize their dreams in the big city and can only rely on their own talents and efforts. Yu Bin becomes the vice-director of investment of Rongding Capital’s Shanghai branch, but is soon drawn into the internal fights between those who occupy high positions. Yu Bin’s hardest phase of life thus begins. He doesn’t give up though and manages to be recognized by his boss Yuan Rui Liang (Chen Long) as well as by the chairman. However, he is soon tempted to make a decision that envolves the betrayal of Rui Liang.  Will personal gain or moral integrity be stronger?

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