[Coming Soon] The Day I Skipped School For You (Web Drama)

The Day I Skipped School For You depicts the school life of the post-90s generation. It follows the naughty but handsome Chen Mo (Wu Rui Song), his desk-mate Zhao Xiao Yu (Jiang Yuan Ya Rong) and other high schoolers as they make their first experiences with love, form friendships and fight for their dreams.

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[Coming Soon] Entering a New Era

Due to the economic reforms that started in 1978 and the subsequent disarmament, Fang Bang Yan (Lu Yi) and other outstanding soldiers have to change their profession: open a business or work in state enterprises. With the example of Bang Yan who decides to start his own business, Entering a New Era explores how the reforms and the fast economic development changed people’s daily lives over the years.

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[Coming Soon] Tang Dynasty Tour (Web Drama)

When working in the desert, archeologist Yun Ye (Wang Tian Chen) suddenly gets transported back to the Tang dynasty. There he meets Li An Lan (Zhang Jia Ning) who looks exactly like his former girlfriend. He repeatedly uses skills learned in the modern world to save An Lan and surrounding people from danger. People start to appreciate him and he even becomes best friends with the crown prince. But then he gets drawn into a huge conspiracy.

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[TV Ratings] Week 41, 2018

Here are the TV ratings for Week 41, October 8 – October 14 (including reruns, average numbers in %):
1 Mother’s Life (BTV) 2.15
2 Mother’s Life (JSTV) 1.109

3 Age of Legends (Dragon TV) 0.753
4 Battle through the Heaven (Hunan TV) 0.656
5 All Out of Love (Hunan TV) 0.49

6 Bloody Yangtze (Anhui TV) 0.478
7 The Best Meeting (Shandong TV) 0.47
8 The Years You Were Late (Hunan TV) 0.465
9 Entrepreneurial Age (Dragon TV) 0.465
10 Excellent Investor (SZTV) 0.383

Source: Calculated myself.

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[Upcoming] Royal Nirvana

The Emperor of Qi and crown prince Xiao Ding Quan (Luo Jin)’s enemies aren’t few. When the emperor kills Official Lu Ying, he puts the blame on Ding Quan as his death helps Ding Quan pave the way to the throne. In order to avenge her father, Lu Wen Xi (Li Yi Tong) enters the palace under the pseudonym “Ah Bao”. But while testing Ding Quan again and again, she slowly develops feelings for him.

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[Upcoming] Second Time Is a Charm

An An (Wang Zi Wen) married right after graduation and got pregnant right after marriage. She is addicted to manhua and anime and never experienced working. But when her son turns five, her husband divorces her and she suddenly becomes a single mom. This is when she gets to know Xu Lang (Edward Zhang), her husband’s lawyer, who is a single dad of a five-years-old daughter. Will An An and Xu Lang have a second chance at love?

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[Upcoming] Shallow Lover

Zheng Ding Ding (Kang Ning) and Chen Xun (Justin Zhao) have been a couple for many years. Ding Ding always puts her boyfriend first and even put her dream of designing pet toys aside for him. But when she realizes that Chen Xun still hasn’t forgotten his ex-girlfriend, she decides to finally put an end to this toxic relationship.  Veterinarian Ning Wei Jin (Hu Yun Hao) then encourages her to pursue her dream.

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